Sarah Palin Strikes Out In Presidential Level Poll

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin may be about to earn up to $5 million on her memoirs, due out tomorrow.

But she strikes out when it comes to presidential stature, in a new CNN poll, in which only 28 percent see her as Presidential material.

This compares to Mitt Romney with 47 percent and Mike Huckabee with 43 percent.

So Sarah has her fans, but it does not translate to support for a Presidential candidacy, because compared to these two rivals and others not mentioned, she lacks experience and legitimacy to be President.

She may be nice to have as a neighbor, but that does not make her qualified to run the nation. Many believe in both parties that were she to be nominated, it would be a disaster for the Republican party on the level of the Barry Goldwater candidacy in 1964.

2 comments on “Sarah Palin Strikes Out In Presidential Level Poll

  1. James November 17, 2009 6:00 pm

    This may or may not be true, but she has far more experience in governing than Obama.
    No slam intended.

  2. Tate November 20, 2009 5:28 pm

    And, James, she is hotter! Give it a rest. Where did she get her degree? Tell me you are not comparing her intellect to Obama or Biden!? I’ll give into you on the foreign policy thing…..seeing Russian planes from her balcony gives her the nod in this area, however. I even heard she could shoot a deer, skin it, and have it on the dinner table shortly after picking the kids up from soccer – certainly a feat neither of these men could come close too.

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