Day: November 25, 2009

Barack Obama’s Decision Making Style: Deliberative, Methodical, And Measured

President Obama has made it clear he is not afraid of doubt, and is comfortable with uncertainty. He uses his head, not his gut, and is very analytical. Such is his decision making style.

He is deliberative, methodical, and measured in his approach to decisions. He has held nine meetings with his cabinet, military advisers, and staff on Afghanistan over a period of two and a half months, and does not worry about criticism.

His approach is diametrically the opposite of the Bush-Cheney technique, described as Texas and Wyoming frontier cowboy and secretive.

Considering the disasters that the Bush-Cheney administration perpetrated, it is comforting that Obama is NOT using emotion to make decisions.

Barack Obama Falls Below 50 Percent In Polls For First Time

President Obama, after ten months in office, has fallen below 50 percent in the polls for the first time, with the average being 47 or 48 percent depending on the poll utilized.

Is this a problem for the President? It could be with the controversy over health care, the economy, and the imminent speech next Tuesday on Afghanistan.

However, the fact that Obama is below 50 percent should not be in itself alarming, as it is not unusual for any President to have ups and downs in polls, and a similar situation occurred to President Ronald Reagan after ten months, and yet three years later, he won by a landslide.

As Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia has pointed out, going by polls three years out,  Nixon would have lost in 1972; Carter would have won in 1980;  and George H. W. Bush would have won easily in 1992!

Sarah Palin And Michele Bachmann To Speak At Tea Party Convention

The two leading conservative women in the Republican Party, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, will be the leading speakers at the first National Tea Party Convention to be held in Nashville in February.

The Tea Party movement is a rebellion of people who are appealed to by the far right, and it represents the disintegration of America going on in the heartland of this nation.

Claiming to be religious and patriotic, this movement has promoted racism, anti semitism, anti immigrant views, and has encouraged fear and hysteria in people who are easily manipulated and very gullible, that somehow there are simple answers to everything, and that Barack Obama is the enemy, rather than the right wing influences under George W. Bush that actually caused the economic and social mess we are now in .

Just cut taxes, fight health care reform, promote religion and the military, and the country will be saved from imminent disaster, according to the ideologues who have organized this movement.

The one thing this convention will do is draw more attention to the two conservative women heroines, both of whom lack credibility, but to believe that either or both have any clue as to what needs to be done to restore America, one has to be deranged! 🙂