Day: November 1, 2009

New York 23 Race For Congress Revealing: Extremism A Threat To Future Of GOP

Who would ever have imagined that the GOP nominee for the Congressional seat vacated by John McHugh, the new Secretary of the Army, would leave the race, and endorse the Democrat, after seeing her party abandon her en masse to the Conservative Party nominee, who does not even live in the district, but represents the attempt of the right wing extremists to take over the GOP and marginalize it as a warning to other moderate Republicans?

This race will be more noticed by many, than the Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial elections, as it represents a trend that may continue in the future–the extremist evolution of a party once respected and significant toward irrelevancy.

It is hard to imagine independents and moderates moving to join such a party in the future, but it represents a crisis for the GOP leadership in Congress as to their viability for the upcoming 2010 and 2012 elections and beyond!

Rush Limbaugh Spews More Propaganda

Rush Limbaugh graced Fox News Channel today to commemorate the week a year ago that Barack Obama was elected President, and to accuse the President and his party of every crime and fault ever devised!

Limbaugh questioned the qualifications of the President, which is amazing after the known incompetence and lack of intellectual inquiry of George W. Bush.

He also wondered whether the Democrats cared about the nation and wished to hurt its future, an outrage considering how the Bush Administration drove the American economy into the ground and pulled us into two unwinnable wars.

Utilizing personal insults and vicious attack on whatever the President has done regarding the economy and even the visiting of the return home of the remains of soldiers to Dover Air Force Base this week, Limbaugh continued his usual bragging about the effect he has had on the nation in promoting talk radio and right wing activists that support his own agenda.

The best way to look at Rush is that he is, as Obama adviser David Axelrod responded, an “entertainer” who should not be taken seriously!