Republican House Women; Democratic House Women

Comparing GOP House Women To Democratic House Women

The debate going on in the House of Representatives today, demonstrating the outrageous Republican women in that legislative body, motivated me to do some research comparing the record of leading women in both parties in the House.

Just looking at present membership, not the past ones, we come up with five examples on both sides, and the difference is dramatic.

The five women that stick out as most disgraceful on the GOP side are Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, Virginia Foxx and Sue Myrick of North Carolina, Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, and Jean Schmidt of Ohio.

On the Democratic side, we have such luminaries as Louise Slaughter of New York, Marcia Kaptur of Ohio, Nita Lowey of New York, Jane Harman of California, and Carolyn Maloney of New York.

Why is it that GOP women are so different than Democratic women? That would be an interesting scholarly study! 🙂