Lou Dobbs

Donald Trump And His Fascist Mobs Advocated Assassination Of Mike Pence And Nancy Pelosi!

As more evidence comes out, it is perfectly clear that Donald Trump was trying to promote a coup, an insurrection, violence and destruction by right wing Fascist followers, including the assassination of the first and second people in the line of succession to the Presidency, with Trump, his family, and Rudy Giuliani cheering them on!

The Fascist mob was looking to hang Vice President Mike Pence, was chanting that disgusting chant, and were plotting to put a bullet in Nancy Pelosi’s head, and they ransacked Speaker Pelosi’ office. One rioter sat at Pelosi’s desk with his feet up on the desk, while another sat in Vice President Pence’s seat in the US Senate chamber.

The reality of what almost happened enrages and infuriates this blogger and author, and every single person who thought Donald Trump was acceptable to be reelected:

because of the rise in the stock market,

or because he was pro Israel,

or because they were afraid of Kamala Harris because she is a mixed race woman,

or because they believe the lie that Joe Biden is demented (when Donald Trump has been demented and dangerous for five years since he announced for President),

or because they believe, out of ignorance or stupidity, that Democrats being liberal or progressive, are actually Communists and Socialists,

or because they think that Trump’s vicious attacks on women, minorities, the disabled and other groups are funny or humorous,

or because they like that Trump says what is on his mind, no matter how outrageous it is.

All such individuals need to be condemned and repudiated by all decent people!

Besides people this author and blogger and others know who are guilty of this horrible misjudgment, of aiding and abetting violence and bloodshed with their disgraceful lack of character and decency, there must be accountability and punishment for, among others:

Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri
Senator Ted Cruz of Texas
Senator Rick Scott of Florida
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California
House Minority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana
Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio
Congressman Devin Nunes of California
Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida
Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas
and really all 147 Congressmen and Senators who advocated and endorsed lawlessness, and repudiation of a legal, constitutional election!

But also, all right wing news channels, including Fox News Channel, One America News Network (OANN), Newsmax Media, The Epoch Times, and others; and right wing propagandists, including Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Mark Levin, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Prager, Lou Dobbs, Ben Shapiro, and others!

And Twitter and Facebook, allowing right wing lies and propaganda to spread like wildfire across the internet are also to be condemned, and are guilty of promoting domestic terrorism, insurrection, treason, and sedition!

Every corporation should drop the right wing news channels for advertising, and every one of the 147 Republicans in Congress who challenged a legally legitimate election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris needs to be expelled, or censured, and be forced out of Congress by the voters.

And Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Jr, really his entire family, Rudy Giuliani, and many of the criminals Trump has pardoned need to face justice and life in prison.

To protect our nation, the price for all of these traitors and hatemongers must be harsh justice!

Right Wing Hosts And Commentators Have Harmed The American People With Their Ridicule About Threat Of CoronaVirus, And Attacks On Dr. Anthony Fauci

Fox News Channel and and Right Wing Talk Radio have harmed the American people with their ridicule about the threat of CoronaVirus, and now their demands that Dr. Anthony Fauci be fired for telling the truth about the slow response of Donald Trump to the pandemic.

The villains include, in no special order of infamy the following 15 individuals:

Rush Limbaugh

Sean Hannity

Laura Ingraham

Judge Jeanine Pirro

Mark Levin

Tucker Carlson

Geraldo Rivera

Lou Dobbs

Brian Kilmeade

Martha MacCallum

Neil Cavuto

Glenn Beck

Michael Savage

Dennis Prager

Jesse Watters

They disgrace themselves, and promote dangerous propaganda that is killing Americans. But they are enriching themselves magnificently at the same time, having no conscience or sense of morality or ethics!

Demagogic Right Wing Talk Show Hosts Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Dennis Prager, Hugh Hewitt All Distorting Truth About Trump

Damagogic right wing talk show hosts, including most notably Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Dennis Prager, and Hugh Hewitt are all distorting the truth about Donald Trump in the impeachment hearings.

This has led to the outrage that conservative talk show host Craig Silverman in Denver, Colorado, was fired in mid show last week, when he leveled some criticism of Trump, someone he had voted for in 2016, but had become disillusioned recently with the vast amount of evidence that Trump bullied Ukraine’s President, and tried to tie aid to that president against Russian intrusion, to an investigating of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

These despicable talk show hosts, and Fox News Channel’s Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson, along with Hannity, and Fox Business Channel’s Lou Dobbs, have no scruples, ethics, or morals, and are willing to destroy the reputation of good public servants who have done their duty in reporting the impeachable behavior of Donald Trump.

Threats Of Violence Against Barack Obama Grows: A New, Expanded Mental Illness Very Worrisome!

Here we are ending the fifth year of the Barack Obama Presidency, and the hatred and racism and threats of assassination have not abated one iota!

Instead, it has become a new, expanded mental illness, very worrisome, all over the internet, on Facebook and Twitter, and even on cable news networks, led by Fox News Channel!

It includes so called “religious” leaders, college professors, law enforcement officials, legislators in state governments, military personnel, students, people of different racial backgrounds, and goes as far as calling for a national holiday for lynching President Obama!

This is extremely alarming, as the media reports of threats have multiplied, but it is clear that this is just the “tip of the iceberg”, and that there are a multitude of more threats than we are learning about.

The Secret Service, considered undermanned by many observers, is dealing with an estimated 30 threats per day, over 10,000 threats a year, and probably we are low balling those numbers, so they have to deal with threats 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in all forms of ways, many of them not serious, but none able to be overlooked, as a mistake could be fatal.

The President must go about his daily business of getting around, both in the country and on overseas visits, but one has to be concerned about his safety, as one can be sure, that if something tragic was to occur, there would be celebration not seen widely when John F. Kennedy was assassinated, although there were some stories of applause in classrooms in Dallas after JFK was shot, a totally deplorable situation.

It is the responsibility of our media not to give undue attention to the perpetrators of this hate, so the decision of Lou Dobbs, who once was sane but has gone bonkers in recent years, to allow Professor Michael Scheuer of Georgetown University, to spew his hate and condemnation, and endorsement of assassination of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, on the Dobbs show, should lead to a boycott of Dobbs and all other right wing talk show hosts, who will stop at nothing in their exploitation of hate and racism, and advocacy of violence against our Commander in Chief!

Freedom of speech stops when it advocates violence, and Scheuer needs to be held accountable by Georgetown University, and advertisers need to stop support of Dobbs, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Michael Savage, Mark Levin, et al as an indication that such poison should not be supported on radio and television, as it is a disease that can promote tragedy and disaster!

Fox News Channel Poll Shows Obama Ahead Of Romney By Five Points!

Imagine this: Fox News Channel, which has been attacking Barack Obama relentlessly for years, has come out with a poll showing Obama five points ahead of Mitt Romney, 48-43!

How is Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly going to explain this?

How is Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and Michael Savage and Mark Levin and Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham and Michael Reagan and Lou Dobbs and Michelle Malkin going to explain this?

How is the Tea Party Movement and the evangelical Christian Right going to explain this?

How is John Boehner and Mitch McConnell and Eric Cantor going to explain this?

How is Human Events, the Weekly Standard, The National Review, the American Conservative and NewsMax going to explain this?

How is George Will, Bill Kristol, Tony Perkins and Grover Norquist going to explain this?

The answer is that they cannot answer this—and that when one realizes that this five point lead is BEFORE the gaffe of Mitt Romney about Libya is computed, it can only mean a wider lead for Obama in the next poll!

In other words, while no one wants to say it, face the facts!


But that does not mean one should not vote, as until the vote is counted, nothing is one hundred percent, BUT it is safe to say that the election is indeed over!

Meg Whitman, Lou Dobbs, And Illegal Immigration! :(

Meg Whitman, the Republican candidate for Governor of California, has used illegal immigration as a campaign issue, and now has been shown to have employed illegal immigrants for many years, and underpaid them, and mistreated them, showing she is a hypocrite! ๐Ÿ™

Lou Dobbs, former talk show host and analyst at CNN, and now only on radio, has long railed against illegal immigration in a demagogic way, and now the Huffington Post reports that Dobbs has employed illegal immigrants and exploited them, as well as showing lack of respect for them as individuals! ๐Ÿ™

Isn’t this interesting? Wealthy arrogant people, such as Whitman and Dobbs, exploit immigrants who are just trying to improve their lives, and then attack them after having benefited from their services, and treat them like dirt! ๐Ÿ™

What does this tell us about both Whitman and Dobbs, as well as many other wealthy and powerful people who are quietly and secretly doing the same thing, and giving illegal immigrants the same treatment?

It tells us that they are despicable, disgraceful human beings, who lie through their teeth, have no regard for human dignity, and should be repudiated by NOT voting for them for public office, and boycotting them if they are media people who promote hate and division in the quest for greed and materialism!

If a person treats those less fortunate in a degrading way, that is the true measure of their character, and they should be roundly condemned by all decent people! ๐Ÿ™

Anti Obama T Shirts Reach A New Low : Is This Religious Terrorism? YES! :(

The opposition to President Obama has been fierce, and all kinds of crazy assertions about him have multiplied since he has resided in the White House, and as he has fought for Health Care reform.

But when Bill O’Reilly can ask Lou Dobbs if Obama is the devil, and this weekend, we discover that anti Obama T shirts that quote the King James version of the Bible, Psalm 109:8–“Let his day be few; Let another take his office”–and Psalm 109:9–“Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow”–are being sold online, it is time to say: “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” ๐Ÿ™

How can anyone, who claims to be “religious”, preach violence and death on our President, no matter who he is? ๐Ÿ™

We have been working against Islamic religious terrorism for the past nine years since September 11, and now, in our midst, we have Christian religious terrorism! Are we to stand by and say that is ok, because it is Christianity?

NO religious terrorism, whether it be Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, or whatever is EVER acceptable!

For a “religious” person to promote hate and pray for death is a sickness that MUST be condemned and worked against! Any preacher, talk show host, or political leader who advocates violence and death for anyone in public life has gone beyond the pale, and must be ostracized, and in many cases, prosecuted, as this is “speech” which presents “a clear and present danger” that is not to be protected by the First Amendment.

If we allow this hatred to spread as a poison in our society, one day we will wake up and be facing another Kennedy type assassination that will be a great human tragedy for our nation! We do not want to go through the trauma of the 1960s, when we lost three gifted men–John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr.–, and we must as a nation make it clear we will NOT tolerate the kind of hate and threats that religious extremists of any faith advocate!

Religious conviction cannot be a license for violence and hate, and all decent people must deplore it and call for action NOW to stop it before it destroys our nation! ๐Ÿ™

Oh No! Is This For Real? Lou Dobbs For President?

On top of Glenn Beck exploring organizing for political action in 2010 and 2012, interpreted by many as considering running for President himself, now we have a much more bold move by Lou Dobbs, late of CNN!

Dobbs told two talk show hosts, including former Senator Fred Thompson of Tennessee, himself a presidential possibility in 2008, that he is considering a Presidential candidacy!

Imagine this: Now two talk show hosts, both extremely divisive and confrontational in tone, are flirting with a Presidential campaign! Have we gone totally bonkers when talk shows hosts who have no desire but to feed their own ego, and who have less government experience than Sarah Palin, are moving toward involvement in the next Presidential election?

Can one imagine Lou Dobbs making illegal immigration the center of his campaign, and Glenn Beck exploiting the insecurities of his listeners, competing for votes? They would have to attack each other, as well as promote demagoguery on a massive scale.

Is this what America has come to, that it leans on ideological talk show hosts who are out to enrich themselves, as serious presidential possibilities? This potential will make the election campaign of 2012 even more weird than having Sarah Palin considering a run. It is absolutely amazing what the “land of opportunity” that is the United States has become!

Great News: Lou Dobbs Leaving CNN! :)

News has just come that Lou Dobbs, the highly controversial talk show host on CNN at 7 pm weekdays, is resigning! This is GREAT NEWS, long overdue!

Dobbs has emerged in the past couple of years as a hate monger and a demagogue, particularly in his strong, vicious attacks on the subject of immigration. If you listened to and followed Dobbs, all 12 million estimated illegal immigrants would be deported yesterday, if he had his way. Also, he was promoting the “birther” movement, which contended that President Obama was not born in Hawaii, despite the birth certificate on file there, and the announcements of his birth in Honolulu newspapers a couple of days after his birth!

His promotion of nativism and prejudice is unbecoming CNN, and there was pressure brought to push that cable channel to force him out, and I was part of that effort in a small way.

The kind of journalism that Dobbs represents belongs on Fox News Channel and I predict that he will end up on that channel, joining Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly et al, only adding more disgrace to that so called “news channel”!