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Conservative Split On Immigration Reform: Real Victims Are The Children Of Undocumented Immigrants!

The National Review and the Weekly Standard have come out against the Senate immigration reform bill, while The Wall Street Journal, representing the business community, has come out for it.

George W. Bush has endorsed the immigration bill, along with 14 Senate Republicans, including cosponsors John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio and Jeff Flake, but the other 32 Senate Republicans and a vast majority of House Republicans, including the Tea Party extremists, have made clear their opposition.

It now seems likely that the immigration bill will never come up for a vote in the House, unless Speaker John Boehner decides to risk his Speakership, and allow a vote, whereby a minority of House Republicans join the vast majority of Democrats in passing it.

The implications for those who supported the legislation in the Republican Party will be massive, as it will harm Marco Rubio particularly, and embolden his rivals for the GOP Presidential nomination, particularly Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.

It will also leave the GOP divided on an issue that will affect the political future of the nation, and add to the political chasm that exists between the two major parties.

And meanwhile, the children of those who came illegally, the theoretical DREAM ACT kids, will be denied what other children have, an equal chance for success in America. That is the real tragedy of this situation, the future generation being pushed aside as inferior to other kids! Very sad indeed!

Republicans Starting To Panic In Congressional Races After Romney’s “47 Percent” Comments

The effects of Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” comments, secretly taped in May at a fundraiser in Boca Raton, Florida, are starting to be seen in Congressional races throughout the nation.

Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown; Connecticut Senate candidate Linda McMahon and others are repudiating what he said, with Brown pointing out that his family needed “public assistance” when he was young.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, not on the ballot this year, was highly critical of Romney, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said he wished to represent “all” people in his state, not just those who voted for him.

Conservative columnist Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal and Bill Kristol in the Weekly Standard were very harsh on Romney, saying that veterans and senior citizens, part of the 47 percent who do not now pay federal income taxes, are part of the Romney supporters, and that Romney should be able to win with the difficult economic conditions in the nation, but is running a horrible campaign.

Polls in many Senate races show the Democrats likely to win some GOP seats and retain many of their own this November, even though two thirds of the seats coming up are presently held by Democrats, and it was thought that the Republicans would gain seats and the majority in the Senate.

Much more about the Senate races will be covered and analyzed by this author over the next few weeks, but Romney is, seemingly, self destructing, further proved when running mate Paul Ryan said Romney had been “inarticulate” in what he had said!

Fox News Channel Poll Shows Obama Ahead Of Romney By Five Points!

Imagine this: Fox News Channel, which has been attacking Barack Obama relentlessly for years, has come out with a poll showing Obama five points ahead of Mitt Romney, 48-43!

How is Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly going to explain this?

How is Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and Michael Savage and Mark Levin and Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham and Michael Reagan and Lou Dobbs and Michelle Malkin going to explain this?

How is the Tea Party Movement and the evangelical Christian Right going to explain this?

How is John Boehner and Mitch McConnell and Eric Cantor going to explain this?

How is Human Events, the Weekly Standard, The National Review, the American Conservative and NewsMax going to explain this?

How is George Will, Bill Kristol, Tony Perkins and Grover Norquist going to explain this?

The answer is that they cannot answer this—and that when one realizes that this five point lead is BEFORE the gaffe of Mitt Romney about Libya is computed, it can only mean a wider lead for Obama in the next poll!

In other words, while no one wants to say it, face the facts!


But that does not mean one should not vote, as until the vote is counted, nothing is one hundred percent, BUT it is safe to say that the election is indeed over!

Paul Ryan Vice Presidential Pick Creates Most Ideological Election Since 1964!

The decision of Mitt Romney to select Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, head of the House Budget Committee, as his Vice Presidential running mate, throws down the gauntlet clearly for all voters!

This election will be the most ideological election since the Lyndon B. Johnson-Barry Goldwater race of 1964!

It is a clear cut attempt of the right wing—-the Tea Party Movement, the social conservatives, and the economic conservatism of Fox News Channel, The Wall Street Journal, The National Review, and The Weekly Standard—to destroy the New Deal and Great Society!

It is a war on senior citizens, minorities, women, the poor, the middle class, in favor of the elite wealthy two percent, the corporations, the privileged, who want to destroy the social safety net of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid!

It is the triumph of Ayn Rand, who promoted selfishness, greed, and lack of concern for our fellow citizens, in the mad dash to only promote one’s own interests!

It is an attempt to bring back the Gospel of Wealth of industrialist Andrew Carnegie in the Gilded Age!

It is the promotion of arrogance, selfishness, greed, a mean spirited nature, and false claims of promoting the so called message of Jesus Christ as not caring about the sick, the poor, the disadvantaged! Catholic nuns and open minded Protestant groups have condemned Ryan’s call for ending food stamps and other assistance to poor children, and his push to privatize Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, while wishing to give more tax cuts to the elite wealthy!

So the battle is on, and the election, which seemed to have no focus, has become very focused, and it is a battle for the middle and lower classes, and it is a battle that cannot afford to be lost, because if President Barack Obama loses, the “American Dream” will be destroyed, as we allow an oligarchy, which already has too much power and concentration of wealth, to seize control of all wealth and property, and make us closer to Fascism than at any time since the defeat of Fascism in World War II!

No Love Affair Between Mitt Romney And Conservative Leaders! Major Obstacle To Reaching The White House!

Mitt Romney has a major problem we have long been aware of!

Conservative leadership is NOT in love with the former Massachusetts Governor!

The Wall Street Journal, Fox News Channel, and other conservative media owned by Rupert Murdoch, has major problems with Romney.

So does Bill Kristol of the WEEKLY STANDARD, the major conservative weekly journal of opinion, and the center of neoconservatives, who brought us into the Iraq War under George W. Bush, and still believe in an aggressive, muscular, foreign policy.

Additionally, evangelical Christians have a major problem with Romney being a Mormon, and the Tea Party Movement is not happy about Romney’s promotion of RomneyCare in Massachusetts, and Romney’s fidgeting about the Supreme Court backing of ObamaCare, which is seen as too similar to RomneyCare, although Romney has now repudiated it for the nation!

So Romney already is behind in electoral votes on the Electoral College map of states, and even with loads of money raised by billionaires and political action committees, and the attempt to disfranchise millions of voters in many states, a violation of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, it will be extremely difficult for him to win the White House!

Conservative And Republican Civil War Emerging: Mainstream Versus Nutty, Loony Glenn Beck And Sarah Palin!

It is obvious that a split is emerging in the conservative movement and the Republican party over the crazy rantings of talk show host Glenn Beck and the indecipherable criticisms of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin!

Beck has asserted recently that the Bush family was out to promote the Muslim faith by its weak actions against the enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that it was all part of a joint plot by radical Muslims and Communists out to promote a one world order!

Sarah Palin has been critical of the Obama policy toward the revolution against the Mubarak government of Egypt, without showing any understanding of the issue or offering any positive ideas.

The result of these two extremists making crazy statements has been that Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard and Rich Lowry of the National Review have attacked Glenn Beck, and made it clear that they believe that his ideas are totally off the wall.

At the same time, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has complimented Obama on Egypt policy and has criticized Palin for her empty statements attacking Obama on this matter, demonstrating she has no understanding of the issue.

These are signs of a civil war developing as mainstream conservatives are becoming more and more embarrassed by the outrageous and moronic statements of both Beck and Palin, who if they continue to maintain a powerful influence in the Republican party, will result in the total destruction of a party with a history of important leaders who were in the mainstream of American politics, while Beck and Palin are not in that mainstream!

Barack Obama: The New “Comeback” Kid!

It is hard to believe that just a month ago, Barack Obama had suffered a major “shellacking” as he termed it, with the loss of 63 seats in the House of Representatives and 6 in the Senate.

But by the success of his “compromise” deal with the Republicans, Obama is a “comeback” kid, much like Bill Clinton was in 1995, but ahead of schedule as compared to Clinton.

Obama was able to get unemployment compensation extension, a tax cut by lowering the Social Security tax temporarily, various business tax cuts as well, and a continuation of the tax cuts to 98 percent of the population, all guaranteed to please the average American.

Of course, Obama had to swallow the tax cut continuation for the wealthy, and puts the Social Security system theoretically in some danger by cutting the contributions temporarily to that program.

But he still has the veto power and a Democratic Senate, and is seen by many as having “won” over his GOP opponents overall.

And he has likely improved his chances to win re-election in 2012, as even Charles Krauthammer of the Weekly Standard and Fox New Channel asserts.

In comparisons to every possible GOP opponent, Obama wins, and leads Sarah Palin in a theoretical matchup by 22 points!

Obama has placed himself squarely in the center, and that is the way to win Presidential elections in America.

So Obama has truly, and very quickly, become the “Comeback” Kid!