Anti Obama T Shirts Reach A New Low : Is This Religious Terrorism? YES! :(

The opposition to President Obama has been fierce, and all kinds of crazy assertions about him have multiplied since he has resided in the White House, and as he has fought for Health Care reform.

But when Bill O’Reilly can ask Lou Dobbs if Obama is the devil, and this weekend, we discover that anti Obama T shirts that quote the King James version of the Bible, Psalm 109:8–“Let his day be few; Let another take his office”–and Psalm 109:9–“Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow”–are being sold online, it is time to say: “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” 🙁

How can anyone, who claims to be “religious”, preach violence and death on our President, no matter who he is? 🙁

We have been working against Islamic religious terrorism for the past nine years since September 11, and now, in our midst, we have Christian religious terrorism! Are we to stand by and say that is ok, because it is Christianity?

NO religious terrorism, whether it be Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, or whatever is EVER acceptable!

For a “religious” person to promote hate and pray for death is a sickness that MUST be condemned and worked against! Any preacher, talk show host, or political leader who advocates violence and death for anyone in public life has gone beyond the pale, and must be ostracized, and in many cases, prosecuted, as this is “speech” which presents “a clear and present danger” that is not to be protected by the First Amendment.

If we allow this hatred to spread as a poison in our society, one day we will wake up and be facing another Kennedy type assassination that will be a great human tragedy for our nation! We do not want to go through the trauma of the 1960s, when we lost three gifted men–John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr.–, and we must as a nation make it clear we will NOT tolerate the kind of hate and threats that religious extremists of any faith advocate!

Religious conviction cannot be a license for violence and hate, and all decent people must deplore it and call for action NOW to stop it before it destroys our nation! 🙁

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