Day: March 18, 2010

Bret Baier, Fox News Channel, And Rudeness Toward President Obama

President Obama decided yesterday to go into the “lion’s den”, Fox News Channel, to promote his Health Care reform proposal.

Already a critic of the channel, as promoting propaganda rather than news, Obama could not have been surprised at the way he was treated, but still it was an outrage!

Bret Baier, the interviewer, constantly and rudely interrupted him, not letting him finish a sentence.

How would that channel have reacted if a liberal talk show host rudely interrupted President George W. Bush or Vice President Dick Cheney? We all know the answer!

There is a need for civil discourse and respect, and the President of the United States, while certainly able to be challenged, should not be interrupted in a rude manner by anyone, if for no other reason than respect for his office.

Fox News Channel has just continued to show it is a third rate organization, a disgrace to journalism! 🙁