Day: March 2, 2010

Senator Jon Kyl And Unemployment Insurance: He Should Be Ashamed! :(

Arizona Senator Jon Kyl, the Minority Whip, has been moving steadily toward the far right over the past few years, a real shame for someone who seemed reasonable and decent, but now appears to be flirting with being whacky! 🙁

For Senator Kyl to back Senator Jim Bunning in his assault on unemployment compensation, by stating that unemployment compensation promotes laziness and lack of motivation on the part of its recipients, and that it discourages job growth, is beyond any limit of decency! 🙁

No one can live on unemployment compensation, as recipients of it are in the poverty level of existence, just barely trying to pay the food and rent bills, and stay above water. No one gets rich, or lives off the fruit of the vine, existing on unemployment compensation!

Many recipients have become vicitims of this horrible Great Recession, and have little hope of returning to a middle class life that many shared not long ago!

For a senator who makes nearly $200,000, and has great health insurance, to fault and condemn people who are on their last legs financially is a hard hearted, insensitive, despicable act, which every decent American should condemn!

The Republican party is gaining, more than ever, a reputation of not caring about the plight of the poor who are struggling to survive this terrible time in our history. Hopefully, it will backfire this fall and lead to poor gains, if any, by the GOP, because if this kind of lack of compassion is endorsed by American voters, then indeed we are a nation that has lost its humanity! 🙁

Jerry Brown: A Blast From The Past!

This is the year 2010, and guess what? Jerry Brown is running for Governor of California, as he did successfully in 1974 and 1978!

This is the same Jerry Brown, who also ran for President in 1976, 1980 and 1992!

This is the same Jerry Brown, who angered two Democratic Presidents who he challenged–Jimmy Carter twice and Bill Clinton once!

This is the same Jerry Brown who was Governor when he was the young age of 35 and is now 71!

Jerry Brown came across in the past as often kooky and weird, but yet he was elected Mayor of Oakland and state Attorney General by the voters!

When he was first elected, America was in the midst of a recession, and he comes back now in the midst of the Great Recession!

This is a man often ridiculed, but always willing to stick his neck out and challenge establishment thinking!

Brown has never worried about what people think of him, and once might think that he would be an underdog in this Governorship race, but in actual fact, he is the man to beat, and to put betting money on his defeat would be unwise!

Jerry Brown is a blast from the past, who is ready to take on the challenge of running the eighth largest economy in the world, and to deal with the greatest budget crisis any state has ever had!

Following Arnold Schwarzenegger, “The Terminator”, as Governor will be a challenge, but don’t be surprised that he might outshine the incumbent in gaining public backing and legislative cooperation!

While California has always been considered the sign of the future America, it may very well be that going back to the past and picking a man who was governor 28-36 years ago to be its chief executive again might be the best answer for the future!