Day: March 15, 2010

Michele Bachmann Promotes Breaking Of Tax Laws!

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann continues to be a right wing firebrand.

Now she advocates in public gatherings that people refuse to pay their taxes if the Congress passes health care reform legislation! She also calls for immediate lawsuits to prevent the legislation from being put into effect!

This is very interesting, as she has already in the past year declared that people should not fill out the census forms that are coming in the mail this week, even though filling out such forms promotes government aid to all congressional districts over the next decade!

So Michele Bachmann is promoting people breaking the law, which requires that we file tax forms and pay our fair share of taxes, and that we fill out the census forms as another of the basic responsibilities of living in the United States!

So Michele Bachmann is advocating lawlessness, and defiance! Doesn’t that make her no better than a common criminal, provoking reactions by citizens who might think it is fine to disobey the law and act in an anarchistic way? And isn’t anarchism a form of terrorism, Michele? Do we maybe need to arrest you for breaking the law, and not upholding your oath as a Congresswoman to obey the Constitution and the laws? And you have the nerve and gall to talk about others being not “good Americans”? What does that make you, Michele, heh? 🙁

Glenn Beck Vs. Social Justice Christianity

Glenn Beck has become controversial yet again, calling on Christians to leave churches that preach social and economic justice, claiming that it is not the purpose of churches to get involved in promoting what he calls “socialism”.

An evangelical Christian preacher, the Reverend Jim Wallis, president of Sojourners, a network of progressive Christianity, denounced Beck as perverting the message of Jesus Christ, who he says believed in economic and social justice. Beck condemned such beliefs as equivalent to Communism and Nazism, as well as Socialism. Wallis is calling for a boycott of Beck’s television show on Fox News Channel.

At the same time, Jerry Falwell, Jr, son of the late Jerry Falwell, a leading evangelical conservative, agreed with Beck, and said it is not the job of government to be involved in economic and social justice, but rather it is the mission of church goers to help the poor and support widows out of their own good will.

This debate over the role of religion is not just among evangelical Christians, but also among mainline Protestants and Catholics who have long believed in economic and social justice.

It is what motivated ministers who opposed slavery in the 19th century, such as William Lloyd Garrison and Theodore Dwight Weld. It is what motivated Social Gospel ministers to be involved in labor reforms and work against child labor in the Progressive Era, such as Walter Rauschenbusch and Washington Gladden. It is what motivated Martin Luther King, Jr and other black and white ministers, priests and rabbis who sacrificed their safety in the civil rights movement of the mid 20th century. It is what motivated many men and women of the cloth who have opposed the Vietnam, Iraq and Afghan Wars. It is a belief of many Christians that see the concept of their religion being practiced in moral ways by group and government action.

This debate over the proper role of religion in dealing with social and economic issues will not be ended with the kind of bitter attacks of Glenn Beck, Jerry Falwell, Jr., and others who are conservative, as it is clear that if Jesus was here today, he would not agree with such narrow minded views of the importance of social and economic commitment by individuals and governments!

It also is clear that Glenn Beck needs education in the definitions and meanings of Socialism, Communism, and Nazism. Again he displays tremendous ignorance and willingness to divide for the sake of splitting people and groups, and it is therefore to be condemned as despicable!