Michele Bachmann Promotes Breaking Of Tax Laws!

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann continues to be a right wing firebrand.

Now she advocates in public gatherings that people refuse to pay their taxes if the Congress passes health care reform legislation! She also calls for immediate lawsuits to prevent the legislation from being put into effect!

This is very interesting, as she has already in the past year declared that people should not fill out the census forms that are coming in the mail this week, even though filling out such forms promotes government aid to all congressional districts over the next decade!

So Michele Bachmann is promoting people breaking the law, which requires that we file tax forms and pay our fair share of taxes, and that we fill out the census forms as another of the basic responsibilities of living in the United States!

So Michele Bachmann is advocating lawlessness, and defiance! Doesn’t that make her no better than a common criminal, provoking reactions by citizens who might think it is fine to disobey the law and act in an anarchistic way? And isn’t anarchism a form of terrorism, Michele? Do we maybe need to arrest you for breaking the law, and not upholding your oath as a Congresswoman to obey the Constitution and the laws? And you have the nerve and gall to talk about others being not “good Americans”? What does that make you, Michele, heh? 🙁

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