Day: March 11, 2010

The Census Bureau Projection Of Future Population Trends: Age, Race, Ethnicity

New Census Bureau projections show that very soon, a majority of children born in America will be from minority groups, particularly Hispanic, but also African American, Asian American, and Native American.

A majority of Americans under 18 will be minority heritage in about a decade, and a majority of the entire population in about 30 years.

So a majority of older, and elderly people will be white Anglos, who might be unwilling to pay more school taxes and do other things to support a youthful population that is alien to their own heritage and experience when they grew up in America.

This could lead to new conflict between young and old, and make for tensions beyond the ones already present of race, ethnicity, and economics.

This situation portends new issues and problems as America continues to age, being older on the average than at any time in American history! The future leaders of the nation will have this new challenge to face very soon!

The Texas State Board Of Education And Distortion Of American History!

The Texas State Board of Education is attempting to distort the story of American History and to establish a right wing version, and just at a time when membership of the Board is changing! Textbook decisions that affect not just Texas, but the whole nation, due to the large number of students in the Lone Star State, which encourages textbook publishers to tend to follow Texas standards of what should be taught in the publication of nationwide textbooks, endangers history education as we know it!

The conservatives want to emphasize the free enterprise system; organized religion; the conservative resurgence in politics in the 1980s and 1990s; and the role of pressure groups such as the Moral Majority and the National Rifle Association.

They also want to deemphasize the New Deal and Great Society; the civil rights movement; treatment of American foreign policy as imperialistic; and take such people as Ralph Nader and Ross Perot out of the curriculum and promote the significance of Jefferson Davis and Stonewall Jackson on an even keel with Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant!

The role of racial and religious minorities would be toned down, and the concept of American as a Christian nation would be promoted. The concept that the federal government regulation and intervention is evil would also be emphasized, and the significance of the new Tea Party Movement would be taught.

This attempt by the Right in Texas is a plan to propagandize their version of history, a totally distorted view that any American historian, and really any educated, open minded person outside of the history field, would condemn! This is an attempt at brainwashing to promote the views of an elite that already has distorted science, and will not stop until people of principle step up and fight for freedom of thought, rather than distorted views of the history of our nation!

Yes, we can mention a lot of what the Texas State Board of Education has proposed in the curriculum, but NOT at the expense of alternative views and free inquiry! The historical associations (the American Historical Association and the Organization of American Historians), and local and regional historical associations, and universities, museums and historical societies, need to unite against this attempt to destroy and distort history education and knowledge by these right wing extremist activists in Texas!

It’s About Time: National Standards For Public Education Proposed!

In what is an extremely important move, a committee of educators empaneled by the state governors of America and school superintendents has proposed a uniform set of academic standards in English and Math, year by year, so that all of the nation’s public school students would have the same standards and expectations.

This is far preferable to the hodgepodge of state and local standards which has undermined public education and led to mediocre education, particularly in many Southern states and poorer states elsewhere.

Every child is entitled to learn what needs to be learned to succeed in life, and to promote higher education after finishing K-12. With these proposed national standards, the way teachers are trained would change, and textbooks would have to be revamped to reflect the new expectations.

Of course, conservatives predictably do not like the national standards idea, as they seem to think state standards, already proven inferior, are better. There is no way that these ideologues can be won over, and as it is, the states of Alaska and Texas have refused to participate, which is sad since both rank very low in their performances educationally.

But when one considers the lightweight governor of Texas, Rick Perry, and the lightweight former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, should it be any wonder that these two states should be the ones to continue to promote inferiority, and not concern themselves with the high failure rate and poverty levels they both have?

It is indeed tragic when “know nothings” are governors and give not a whit about those who most need nurturing: the children of their states! 🙁