Day: March 29, 2010

The Census, Michele Bachmann, And The GOP Future

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota is at it again, warning Americans that complying with the Census will promote the sharing of information with the FBI and other government agencies, and will lead to internment camps, similar to what happened to Japanese Americans in World War II!

She and other Republicans are promoting distrust of the federal government, and so far, the effect has been that many citizens, particularly noticed in Texas in GOP areas of strength, are slow to fill out the Census forms that are due back by April 1.

The irony of Bachmann and other GOP leaders encouraging noncompliance with the Census will be the undercount of the citizenry, and will lead, potentially, to fewer seats for Republican areas and states, and therefore benefiting Democratic strongholds which will gain more seats and funding over the next ten years.

So the anti government mood of many Republicans will result, if this continues, with loss of power and influence for the GOP. And it will be due to their paranoia and stupidity, but it will be richly deserved! 🙁

For people who serve in government and get paid by government to condemn our government is a true example of maniacal, lunatic behavior. But then again, don’t we all know that Michele Bachmann and her ilk are a detriment to their party and the people they serve? When, oh when, will the GOP realize they are self destructive in their behavior? 🙁

The Impact Of Momentum: Success Breeds Success!

For much of the time in the first year of the Obama Presidency, there was a lot of impatience and skepticism that his could be a transformational Presidency, as Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Reagan had.

The impact of the Health Care reform legislation, finally being enacted into law after a long, hard fought struggle for a year, can already be seen.

There is much greater optimism that President Obama will be able, even without a bipartisan spirit, to accomplish reforms in the financial industry, in immigration policy, in climate change, and in mortgage foreclosure and job creation.

Psychologically, the momentum of a great victory promotes a sense of success, and it can be said that success can breed success. The impact of momentum can be seen already!

The odds of Obama being a transformational President has grown exponentially with the aura and halo that has been created around him by the good fortune that many never expected to happen. And with the Health Care reform success, it helps the Democrats to minimize the losses in the midterm election!