The Census Bureau Projection Of Future Population Trends: Age, Race, Ethnicity

New Census Bureau projections show that very soon, a majority of children born in America will be from minority groups, particularly Hispanic, but also African American, Asian American, and Native American.

A majority of Americans under 18 will be minority heritage in about a decade, and a majority of the entire population in about 30 years.

So a majority of older, and elderly people will be white Anglos, who might be unwilling to pay more school taxes and do other things to support a youthful population that is alien to their own heritage and experience when they grew up in America.

This could lead to new conflict between young and old, and make for tensions beyond the ones already present of race, ethnicity, and economics.

This situation portends new issues and problems as America continues to age, being older on the average than at any time in American history! The future leaders of the nation will have this new challenge to face very soon!

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