Day: September 8, 2009

Republicans, The Constitution, And Health Care Reform

As the health care debate heats up tomorrow night when President Obama delivers a prime time speech to a joint session of Congress, we get word that Republicans are claiming that health care is not allowed to be a subject of government initiatives under our venerable Constitution.

Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, himself a medical doctor, makes this statement in a very assertive way: The Constitution forbids any action on health care reform.

Let’s think about this: Where does it say in the Constitution that the Congress cannot deal with the issue of health care? Nowhere, Senator Coburn!

But I have a question for Senator Coburn: Where in the Constitution does it say we can have a military draft, or Social Security, or Medicare, or Civil Rights laws, or Environmental Protection Laws, or Consumer Laws, or any of the myriad of laws that have been passed in the 220 year history of our Constitution? The answer is nowhere!

BUT the Founding Fathers, a lot wiser group than most of the members of the Congress, and certainly than most Republicans who have always opposed almost ANY legislation designed to deal with real problems other than building up the military, DID come up with a solution to problems they could not foresee in 1787.

What did they put into the Constitution? ARTICLE 1, SECTION 8–the ELASTIC CLAUSE–which reads that Congress shall make all laws which are NECESSARY AND PROPER, FOR THE COMMON DEFENSE AND THE GENERAL WELFARE!

That “elastic clause” is the basis of ALL significant laws that have been passed in our more than two centuries of America under the Constitution.

And it is clear without question that it IS necessary and proper, for the common defense and general welfare, to pass health care reform, and that it is perfectly legal and constitutional!

So, Senator Coburn, stick to medicine, not the Constitution, which you have no clue to its meaning. You are NOT following the beliefs of the Founding Fathers, no matter what you might think. Health care reform is a necessary step at this point in our history!

Newt Gingrich, Laura Bush, And The National Review Agree On Obama Education Speech

Imagine this: The former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich, no friend of President Obama, believes that the Obama education speech was a great speech.

Former First Lady Laura Bush also expressed support of the President’s message, and said she believed overall, Obama is doing a good job as President.

The National Review, the leading conservative journal of opinion, declared that the Obama speech was the BEST of his Presidency, quite a coup for the President to gain the backing and support of the most significant and legitimate opposition political periodical.

So do all the parents, the conservative talk show hosts, and the political operatives of the Republican party feel foolish, as they should, with spades? No! Instead, such conservative luminaries as Laura Ingraham, Monica Crowley, and Michelle Malkin, trying to compete with the “boys” that have more notice than they do, proved they are just as outrageous and crazy, despite the fact that we would like to believe that women are the smarter sex and use more reason. I would believe that, but these women mentioned above contradict that belief I so strongly hold! 🙂 LOL

Realize that Obama won today, and made conservatives and Republicans who were reckless, as always, with the truth, look totally ridiculous and out of touch.

Any thinking American will see that the intention of the opposition is not to improve America, but instead keep it as it is–a haven for the rich and privileged, and also the biased and bigoted, who don’t want to see any improvement or change that might affect their position of power and wealth.

But it is time to let these forces of reaction be made aware, that their time of domination is over! We will bring change and reform whether you like it or not! You had your chance and you blew it!

Rush Limbaugh: Competing With Glenn Beck For Looniest Talk Show Host!

Rush Limbaugh seems to feel that he is not gaining enough attention, so he is now competing subconsciously with Glenn Beck for the title of Looniest Talk Show Host!

Limbaugh now claims on his talk show that President Obama’s education speech earlier today can be compared to what Kim Jong Il, the North Korean dictator, does in his country on a regular basis: promoting indoctrination and brain washing of the younger generation.

So it is promoting indoctrination and brain washing for the President of the United States to call upon students to do their homework, study and learn, show respect for their teachers and parents, take their future seriously, and work to improve their lives and that of their families and their nation.

It seems to me that if Rush Limbaugh had followed this advice years ago and finished college and stayed away from drugs, he might have a more respectable public image than he has!

Sure, he makes millions of dollars a year and has millions of devoted fans who hang on his every word, but we all know his fans are as delusional and misguided as he is. All he knows how to do is to divide people, wish for failure, promote dissension, manipulate gullible people’s minds, and sow bad blood between people of different economic means and racial and ethnic groups.

Rush Limbaugh has no desire to make the country better, but rather to exploit people’s insecurities, promote hate and envy, and all the while, enrich himself without any sense of conscience or morality.

Any thinking person should answer Rush Limbaugh’s promotion of poison by boycotting his show, condemning his negative attitude on everything that promotes progress, and stop rewarding him for his bad behavior.

It is time for people of good intentions to start a campaign to remove this peddler of hate, along with Glenn Beck, from the air, and stop rewarding these two despicable figures with prolific salaries, making fools of us and laughing all the way to the bank!

Bill Clinton’s Advice To Barack Obama: Move Ahead On Health Care Reform

Former President Bill Clinton has advised President Obama to move ahead on reform with or without GOP support.

Clinton points out that there are enough Democrats to bring about health care reform without Republican backing if that party’s members refuse to back any bill. We should move ahead and not let the opposition prevent change because of their unwillingness to compromise and support any legislation.

It is clear to me that if we are to let the Republicans dictate what is to be done in health care, we will lose the best opportunity in a generation to bring about what has been talked about on and off since the time of Harry Truman–the need to protect ALL Americans by providing low cost health care that has no people left out because of preconditions medically.

Obama, by his victory by a larger margin than any President in a generation, needs to keep his promise to his supporters and fight for what he feels we need–a public option and REAL reform of the whole health care system. Democrats need to remember that they have won this election in 2008 decisively, and the winners decide the future, not the losers.

The Republicans know how to promote their victories, and Democrats need to stop apologizing for their triumph last November and assert their authority to change the future.

We are waiting with baited breath for what we hope will be a President utilizing the techniques of Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, and Ronald Reagan to accomplish his goals.

Bill Clinton failed to accomplish his goal 16 years ago of health care reform. It is time for Barack Obama to fulfill what President Clinton was unable to achieve!