Rush Limbaugh: Competing With Glenn Beck For Looniest Talk Show Host!

Rush Limbaugh seems to feel that he is not gaining enough attention, so he is now competing subconsciously with Glenn Beck for the title of Looniest Talk Show Host!

Limbaugh now claims on his talk show that President Obama’s education speech earlier today can be compared to what Kim Jong Il, the North Korean dictator, does in his country on a regular basis: promoting indoctrination and brain washing of the younger generation.

So it is promoting indoctrination and brain washing for the President of the United States to call upon students to do their homework, study and learn, show respect for their teachers and parents, take their future seriously, and work to improve their lives and that of their families and their nation.

It seems to me that if Rush Limbaugh had followed this advice years ago and finished college and stayed away from drugs, he might have a more respectable public image than he has!

Sure, he makes millions of dollars a year and has millions of devoted fans who hang on his every word, but we all know his fans are as delusional and misguided as he is. All he knows how to do is to divide people, wish for failure, promote dissension, manipulate gullible people’s minds, and sow bad blood between people of different economic means and racial and ethnic groups.

Rush Limbaugh has no desire to make the country better, but rather to exploit people’s insecurities, promote hate and envy, and all the while, enrich himself without any sense of conscience or morality.

Any thinking person should answer Rush Limbaugh’s promotion of poison by boycotting his show, condemning his negative attitude on everything that promotes progress, and stop rewarding him for his bad behavior.

It is time for people of good intentions to start a campaign to remove this peddler of hate, along with Glenn Beck, from the air, and stop rewarding these two despicable figures with prolific salaries, making fools of us and laughing all the way to the bank!

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