Day: September 14, 2009

Rush Limbaugh And The Tea Party Patriots/FreedomWorks March On Washington

Rush Limbaugh is again doing what he always does best–LYING!

On today’s radio show, he told his audience that 1.5 MILLION people had marched on Washington, which if true, would have far surpassed the Civil Rights March in 1963, any of the anti Vietnam war marches in the late 1960s and 1970s, and even the “Million Man March” of Louis Farrakhan in the mid 1990s.

Except for one problem–it is a MASSIVE LIE! At most, there were maybe 70,000 marchers, many of them seemingly confused and misdirected, based on their body language as observed on C Span, which covered the entire event on Saturday.

It was hard to understand why many were there, as they seemed to be protesting taxes, denying global warming, complaining about government spending, claiming they were patriotic, and worried about the Fascist-Nazi-Communist-Socialist-Muslim Barack Obama. There were tones of racism and hate demonstrated by the signs many of these misdirected souls showed to the cameras of C Span.

It was actually quite a pitiful scene, because these people seemed to blame Obama for everything under the sun, as if he created the mess we are in. The fact that we spent trillions of dollars without raising taxes for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and initiated a prescription drug plan without figuring out how to finance it, all this under President Bush, was never mentioned. The fact that the Bush Presidency started the financial rescue plan a year ago was conveniently forgotten, and it was as if Barack Obama made this up himself as a plan to revive the economy.

The feeling gained was that IF we were to let these demonstrators have impact on the nation, then we would be in deep trouble, as they have no clue to what the crisis truly is and what must be done. We need INTELLIGENT, REASONABLE people to lead us and get us out of the morass, not the kind of people who think George W. Bush was a great President, and convince themselves that all of the ills of the country have suddenly come about under Barack Obama.