Day: September 27, 2009

A Good Week For Obama In Diplomacy

This past week has been a challenge for President Obama in the diplomatic field, but on first flush, it seems like a good week.

He was able to get both the Israeli Prime Minister and Palestinian President to meet for the first time in close to a year, although no progress was made.

He was able to chair a meeting at the United Nations, first President to do that, and gain backing of the world body for strong sanctions against any nation that breaks the nuclear non proliferation treaty, with Obama’s aim to lessen the threat of nuclear conflict in the future and cut down nuclear weapons in all nations that have them. He also gave an excellent speech before the UN General Assembly.

Also, he was the center of the G-20 summit in Pittsburgh, and publicly gained backing and support on a tough new stand toward Iran with the revelation of a secret nuclear facility, with the British and French leaders jointly making a public statement with him from the summit, and the Russian leader stating willingness to back the three nations in tough sanctions on Iran if the seven member talks this coming Thursday do not lead to Iranian cooperation.

The Russian leader Medvedev seems more willing to work with the US due to the decision of the Obama Administration to cancel the plans for a missile defense in the Czech Republic and Poland, something that may work out all around as a good measure to promote understanding and discourage the traditional mistrust between the two major rivals of the old Cold War.

Of course, no one can know so quickly whether the new image of the US and its improved reputation overseas and at the United Nations will actually work to our benefit in the long run. Many conservatives claim that Obama is selling our country down the river and undermining our defenses and security.

As always, events over time will show whether the new direction of diplomacy will succeed or fail. We can only hope it will be successful, as it would benefit this country in so many ways.