Day: September 23, 2009

Barack Obama: Please Listen To Joe Biden On Afghanistan!

President Obama, it is time to face the facts: Afghanistan is an unwinnable war, not worth more American lives. We will never win in any typical sense, and the cost in lives and treasure is too heavy to bear, particularly when other NATO nations are unwilling to take a heavier burden in that war that was lost by George W. Bush by his obsession with Iraq. The American people want out, and they are right!

Your vice president, Joe Biden, is an expert on foreign policy, and he knows that escalating involvement in this war will doom your administration and add tremendously to the national debt. It will doom your domestic reform plans, which are urgently needed.

Do not go down the road of Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, and George W. Bush. Do not sacrifice our youth on wars that cannot be won. Work on intelligence, aerial bombing of key sites, and drones to deal with the threat, and spend more on homeland security and building up our defense structure, which is weakened by these endless wars that cannot be won.

Joe Biden is right! You made him your Vice President! Now listen to him and follow his lead, as he knows what is best! Be smarter and wiser than other Presidents! Do not let GOP attacks deter you, as they do not wish you well in any form, and were you to stay in Afghanistan, they would still condemn you!

Do what is best for America, and PLEASE listen to Joe Biden!

Eric Cantor And Health Care Solution

House Minority Whip Eric Cantor of Virginia showed that he had no concern on the issue of health care at a recent Town Hall meeting.

A woman described a friend who had lost her job and health care coverage, and had recently been diagnosed with stomach tumors that required immediate medical and surgical attention.

Cantor’s response was to say that unfortunately a certain percentage of people do not have health care, but that this woman could seek charity to help her situation.

This was an uncaring response, and shows the problem with the GOP and many people who call themselves conservatives, who believe in limited government. Basically, if you are unlucky and do not have health care, don’t expect any sense of support and willingness to find a solution. Just wait to die, because it is evil if everyone has access to health care. Your life does not matter, if you don’t have money, as health care is NOT an entitlement. Rather, it is a privilege that some have and others do not. This is simply survival of the fittest, and really survival of the haves, and to hell with the have nots!

Shame on Eric Cantor and his party, who claim to be the party of life, when it comes to the issue of abortion, but once you are born, oh well, there is no responsibility to preserve life by offering health care to those who do not have it. You see, it is all a question of money and profit. That is all that matters in a capitalist system–money and profit. There is no place for concern for human life. We actually often give better care to our pets than to human beings! What an absolute disgrace! 🙁

Sarah Palin At Hong Kong Investors Conference

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin made her first speaking appearance overseas at a Hong Kong Investors Conference, and managed to state something that is totally false.

She claimed that the Great Recession occurred because of too much government regulation over banks, other financial firms, and corporations generally.

This is exactly opposite of the truth, as under GOP leadership in Congress and the White House, there was a lack of oversight and regulation, and this caused the economic collapse.

For Palin to say the answer is for the government to get out of the economy is precisely the wrong approach, and shows how she lives in her own created dream world of illusion.

The answer is that Sarah Palin does not have a clue about anything involving America, and were she somehow to be the GOP nominee for President in 2012, the party and the country would be faced with a candidate who is a true disaster area!