Day: September 25, 2009

The Effects Of Promotion Of Hate Of Government: Census Worker Murdered

The constant promotion of anti government sentiment over our airwaves and by opposition party critics has finally led to the murder of a census worker in Kentucky, who was found bound, duct taped, gagged, hanging from a tree, with his census identification tied to his neck, and the word “fed” scrawled across his naked chest.

War has been declared by this act, by hate mongers who have been encouraged and stirred up by hateful rhetoric attacking government as an evil. This is anarchism which represents a threat to anyone who works for the US government, or anyone who defends the concept that government is a positive force in people’s lives.

It is clear that this country is under great threat, not only from Islamic terrorism, as shown by the arrest of people involved in three separate incidents, but also by native terrorists who are not Islamic oriented, but hate this country and its institutions and wish to promote anarchy and chaos. The role of incendiary speech is reaching such a level that people are being encouraged to strike out, and therefore, those who promote conspiracy theories and throw loose terms around such as “Communism, Fascism, Socialism, Nazism” must start to take responsibility for what they say, and we must reject such peddlers of hate and division who have no aim, other than their own aggrandizement.

John McCain And Mitt Romney

John McCain is hosting a fundraiser for Mitt Romney’s political action committee in Phoenix this weekend, and that is interesting news.

The two men were bitter rivals during the 2008 presidential primary campaign, and one has to wonder if this is a sign that McCain sees Romney as the most viable GOP nominee for 2012.

It also makes one wonder whether McCain would ever sponsor such an event for his former Vice Presidential running mate, Sarah Palin.

This will be something to watch if Palin moves toward running for President in 2012.

The Supreme Court Membership In Flux

We have a new member of the Supreme Court in the new term about to begin–Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

But we also have some flux evident, as there is the possibility of TWO new appointees by 2010–to replace Justice John Paul Stevens and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Justice Stevens is 89 this year, still in excellent health, but by deciding not to appoint new law clerks for more than a year, causes speculation that he may retire next summer, which would mean he would not break the record for longevity or age, which would only occur if he stayed on the Court to the year 2012.

Justice Ginsburg has had colon and now pancreatic cancer, and this week felt faint, and was taken to the hospital, although now she has been released. It is sad to say that most patients who have had pancreatic cancer do not survive for long, although Ginsburg has been given a clean bill of health. Still, the likelihood is that she might leave soon.

So Barack Obama may have two new appointments, and it would seem to me that these retirements after distinguished years of service would be best if they did occur next summer, before the midterm elections, as there may be a smaller Democratic margin after those elections, making a Supreme Court appointment then much more problematical.

While neither justice retiring will change the balance of the Court, it will be good for Obama to pick two fairly liberal justices who would bring comparative youth and vigor to the Court before any possible change of balance in the Senate. So it is hoped that Ginsburg will decide to retire due to her earlier health problems, and that Stevens, despite being therefore unable to break records, will realize that after 35 years on the Court, it is time to go. It is difficult to give up power and status, but it would be good for the Court and the country for this to occur next summer.

Polls And The Public Option On Health Care

A New York Times poll shows that 65 percent of the American people want a public health option, and 78 percent say that there is a need for dramatic change in the health care field for the American people.

Despite this, the GOP continues to call for a “restart” button and for true bipartisanship. But while stating they want a bipartisan bill, they have refused to cooperate with the majority Democrats, and only maybe the two Maine senators (Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins) seem likely to POSSIBLY go along with the Democrats, the same as with the economic stimulus bill.

It is time for the Republicans to stop their obstructionism and recognize that the American people WANT the health care option and TRUE health care reform!

Time For Tough Action On Iran And Nuclear Development

President Obama and French President Sarkozy and British Prime Minister Brown have confronted Iran with the fact of a secret Iranian nuclear facility, and the five permanent members of the Security Council (also including Russia and China), along with Germany, are about to challenge Iran at the beginning of October on their intransigence and deception, which destabilizes the Middle East, and is a threat to the entire world.

It is comforting to see that the world’s leading nations seem united on the Iranian threat, and it is time for these countries to draw a line in the sand, and throw down the gauntlet, that they and the world will NOT tolerate a nuclear terrorist Iran.

The strongest sanctions must be imposed, not symbolic, and Iran has to undertand that if need be, the use of military force, highly regrettable, is not off the table. And we cannot expect Israel to stand by and be able to relax and feel safe with the dire and growing threat of a maniacal, fanatical, religiously crazy government that is ready for the apocalypse.

Tough choices are ahead, and President Obama and the other world leaders must stay united to face this challenge, possibly the greatest since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962!

The Republicans And Health Care: Ask Your Neighbors Or Charity For Help

Not only did Republican Minority Whip Eric Cantor suggest it recently, but also Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma as well: If you have a crisis health situation, and don’t have health insurance, turn to charity and your neighbors for help.

Are these and other Republicans living in the 21st century? Can we rely on our neighbors to help us when we are in trouble, at a time when millions of Americans are in desperate economic circumstances, and those who are fortunate don’t overall want to hear of other people’s problems, as they have been taught to only think of themselves and those they know, and not get involved with “strangers”?

The Republicans offer no alternatives for those unfortunate enough to lose a job, or not have health insurance, or have health insurance which decides not to cover a specific medical problem. All they are good at is to promote the idea that everyone must be self reliant and individualistic, as Herbert Hoover promoted during the Great Depression in the early 1930s.

The Republican party has no “heart” and no “empathy” for those who are less fortunate, and are actually impatient even to hear of the plight of those who don’t have lots of assets and money. How can a modern political party be so thoughtless and uncaring, and claim to be promoting the interests of the American people in the 21st century?

As Franklin D. Roosevelt said often, we are not ultimately judged for our character by how much we acquire and own, but by how much we sacrifice for others, and only government can do what needs to be done for those not as fortunate as we are. As even highly religious people should practice as they preach on the Sabbath, “there but for the grace of God go I”. It is the moral and ethical thing for our government, representing our population, to come to the rescue if there is no alternative!

The Danger Of Violence In Today’s Charged Political Atmosphere

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi recently voiced fear that the super charged atmosphere that now exists in American politics could spark violence similar to what happened in San Francisco in 1978, when the mayor George Moscone and supervisor and gay activist Harvey Milk were shot to death by one of their former colleagues, Dan White.

Her concern over political violence has been echoed by former agents of the Secret Service, FBI, and CIA, and also by MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, a former Republican Congressman from Florida.

Scarborough, a very responsible talk show host in the mornings on MSNBC, condemned Glenn Beck and other radio and tv talk show hosts who promote strong emotions by their often out of bounds bitter attacks on the Obama Administration and President Obama personally. He warns that this kind of rhetoric is dangerous, and it is well known that Obama has had more death threats than is normal, with a lot of it due to his race.

The fear of Scarborough and these government agents is that the political atmosphere, being so charged and incendiary, is liable to lead to widespread violence and tragedies affecting ordinary American citizens, but also federal government employees and government leaders themselves.

And of course, the greatest fear is that our President could be subjected to harm, something we must all pray never happens, as the death of President John F. Kennedy still affects us nearly half a century later. That assassination, plus those of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr.; the shootings of Ronald Reagan and George Wallace; and the attempted assassination twice of Gerald Ford; plus the shootings of others, including Malcolm X, Meir Kahane, and John Lennon demand that we bring pressure on both media talk show hosts and politicians to STOP the high stress, poisonous political rhetoric that has become so common.

Americans, and those who have the privilege of being in the public spotlight, MUST start seeing those who have a different view, as opponents, NOT enemies. If violence ensues, blood will be on their hands, and they should be held accountable in a court of law for inciting violence. Freedom of speech does not include the right to be reckless in language that causes the death or injury of others. We are entering the stage of “clear and present danger”, which is not covered by freedom of speech guarantees!