Day: September 1, 2009

Dick Cheney For President In 2012?

Hard to believe, but a Wall Street Journal editorial today suggests that former Vice President Dick Cheney might run for President in 2012, to vindicate the Bush Administration and defeat the Obama Administration, which in the mind of those who have this view, has weakened American security and moved the country toward “socialism”.

It is not that Cheney himself has actually said this or hinted at it, but rather that many conservatives and Republicans see him as their “savior” from the “extremist” Barack Obama!

Of course, a joke comes to mind: Can Cheney run for President after having served two terms already? LOL

But more seriously, this man has had four heart attacks and five heart surgeries and will be 71 in 2012. Is he healthy enough physically AND mentally to serve our country in the White House?

There are many who would clearly say NO WAY, and that includes the author.

If we thought George W. Bush was in many ways a nightmare, what are we to say about a Dick Cheney Presidency, which would engage us in more foreign wars, promote more loss of privacy rights, and would domestically take us back to the times of the Gilded Age, not even just back to Calvin Coolidge.

The whole concept is terrifying, and we can hope it is just a suggestion, not a serious possibility.

Hollywood And The Republican Party

When one thinks of Hollywood personalities, one thinks of primarily Democrats, and much criticism is visited on these stars when they speak up for liberal causes.

It is rare to find Hollywood personalities who openly are Republican, and extremely unusual to find such stars who use extremist rhetoric in such a personal way against a particular President, but now it is happening.

Of course, one is not out to deny these people their rights of freedom of speech, but it does not add to their stature when they utilize extremist rhetoric.

Such is now the case with actor Jon Voight, the father of actress Angelina Jolie, and the pop singer Pat Boone.

It is fine for both to be religious, but they are portraying Barack Obama as a threat to the country. Jon Voight so stated this view when interviewed by former Governor Mike Huckabee on his Fox News Channel show last week. Pat Boone came very close to racist rhetoric in his recent attacks on the President.

I was once a great fan of Pat Boone, and thought Jon Voight was a good actor, but now I am disillusioned by the expressions of hatred and racism they are engaged in.

Both should apologize for their disgraceful behavior, but I know they will not, so I can just say I no longer care to watch Jon Voight in movies or listen to Pat Boone music!

Shame on both of them!

Michele Bachmann: Religious Zealot Gone Nuts!

Michele Bachmann, the Republican Congresswoman from Minnesota, has no limits in his religious zealotry, but now has gone totally nuts!

Forgetting that Jesus Chris says in the Bible that one should tend to the sick, feed the hungry, and show empathy to the poor, she is now declaring a holy war against any reform of health care.

She has declared that those behind her campaign must be willing to slit their wrists and share their blood and do ANYTHING needed to defeat health care.

This kind of rhetoric borders on insanity and the advocacy of violence, and this is supposed to be in the name of Jesus Christ! He would be ashamed and embarrassed by this moronic, crazy woman who is encouraging extremism and bloodshed in the name of her crazy, hysterical religious views.

This is a woman who must be watched by the Secret Service and others in the government, as she is a threat to the nation with her poisonous rhetoric. At some point, she may go over the edge and require government intervention.

The Republican party SHOULD repudiate her rhetoric and hate, but don’t count on it, unfortunately! 🙁

Republicans, Conservatives, And Conspiracy Theories And Scare Tactics

Are there any limits to what Republican operatives and conservative groups will do to defeat a reform of health care?

Among the accusations in recent weeks is that Obama plans to prevent health care to the elderly, to veterans, to anyone who is NOT a registered Democrat, and now to women who have breast cancer!

Why is it that we cannot have a reasonable debate, including alternatives offered by the opposition, to the health care crisis we have in this country?

Why is it that conspiracy theories and scare tactics are the only methods that can be used to oppose what the administration is seeking?

It is obvious why this is so–that conservatives and the Republican party don’t give a damn about the elderly, veterans, or women with breast cancer! And if they had their way, only Republicans would have health care! LOL They will stop at nothing to prevent millions of people from having health care, and from millions of others having a policy that actually covers the medical conditions that develop after they pay premiums.

Unfortunately, as often has been the case in recent years, the GOP would rather be negative than positive, and to instill fear in voters, in order to win their support!

We cannot allow the Republican party to prevent what is urgently needed in this country–health care reform!

George Will’s Advice To President Obama On Afghanistan

The conservative columnist George Will, who is also seen on This Week with George Stephanopoulous on ABC every Sunday morning, has today come out in the Washington Post with a piece of advice for President Obama: Get out of the war in Afghanistan, as it is unwinnable.

This is an excellent piece of advice on the part of Will, who although I don’t often agree with him, is obviously an intelligent, perceptive conservative who occasionally speaks wisdom.

The war has become very unpopular with the American people, with a majority now saying to get out as soon as possible. The loss of more Americans in August and July than previous months is a warning sign that we are being dragged into a long term war that undermines our ability to deal with domestic problems and to cut the growth in government spending.

It is time to recognize that the only way to deal with the Taliban is to use air power and intelligence gathering, not ground troops in that country which has been the graveyard in the past for the British and the Soviets.

President Obama, you have enough to deal with, so do not allow any military pressure or Republican hawkishness to sucker you into a war that is rapidly becoming another Vietnam. It is time to face reality and LEAVE Afghanistan!