Michele Bachmann: Religious Zealot Gone Nuts!

Michele Bachmann, the Republican Congresswoman from Minnesota, has no limits in his religious zealotry, but now has gone totally nuts!

Forgetting that Jesus Chris says in the Bible that one should tend to the sick, feed the hungry, and show empathy to the poor, she is now declaring a holy war against any reform of health care.

She has declared that those behind her campaign must be willing to slit their wrists and share their blood and do ANYTHING needed to defeat health care.

This kind of rhetoric borders on insanity and the advocacy of violence, and this is supposed to be in the name of Jesus Christ! He would be ashamed and embarrassed by this moronic, crazy woman who is encouraging extremism and bloodshed in the name of her crazy, hysterical religious views.

This is a woman who must be watched by the Secret Service and others in the government, as she is a threat to the nation with her poisonous rhetoric. At some point, she may go over the edge and require government intervention.

The Republican party SHOULD repudiate her rhetoric and hate, but don’t count on it, unfortunately! 🙁

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