Presidential nomination in 2012

Dick Cheney For President In 2012?

Hard to believe, but a Wall Street Journal editorial today suggests that former Vice President Dick Cheney might run for President in 2012, to vindicate the Bush Administration and defeat the Obama Administration, which in the mind of those who have this view, has weakened American security and moved the country toward “socialism”.

It is not that Cheney himself has actually said this or hinted at it, but rather that many conservatives and Republicans see him as their “savior” from the “extremist” Barack Obama!

Of course, a joke comes to mind: Can Cheney run for President after having served two terms already? LOL

But more seriously, this man has had four heart attacks and five heart surgeries and will be 71 in 2012. Is he healthy enough physically AND mentally to serve our country in the White House?

There are many who would clearly say NO WAY, and that includes the author.

If we thought George W. Bush was in many ways a nightmare, what are we to say about a Dick Cheney Presidency, which would engage us in more foreign wars, promote more loss of privacy rights, and would domestically take us back to the times of the Gilded Age, not even just back to Calvin Coolidge.

The whole concept is terrifying, and we can hope it is just a suggestion, not a serious possibility.