Jon Voight

The Entertainment Right Wing Lunatic Fringe Make Fools Of Themselves!

It is amazing how many people we once admired, when we were younger and more naive, have emerged during the Obama Administration as right wing lunatic fringe types, making total fools of themselves.

This is particularly the case in the entertainment industry, as a short list, not complete, follows:

Pat Sajak
Bob Barker
Chuck Woolery
Pat Boone
Jon Voight
Andy Williams (now deceased)

All have made hateful, crazy, conspiratorial statements that make one wonder about their mental stability in their old age!

They have all passed their prime, and seem resentful of any change in America!

What a sad commentary on famous people getting old, and showing their worst sides to all of us!

Hollywood And The Republican Party

When one thinks of Hollywood personalities, one thinks of primarily Democrats, and much criticism is visited on these stars when they speak up for liberal causes.

It is rare to find Hollywood personalities who openly are Republican, and extremely unusual to find such stars who use extremist rhetoric in such a personal way against a particular President, but now it is happening.

Of course, one is not out to deny these people their rights of freedom of speech, but it does not add to their stature when they utilize extremist rhetoric.

Such is now the case with actor Jon Voight, the father of actress Angelina Jolie, and the pop singer Pat Boone.

It is fine for both to be religious, but they are portraying Barack Obama as a threat to the country. Jon Voight so stated this view when interviewed by former Governor Mike Huckabee on his Fox News Channel show last week. Pat Boone came very close to racist rhetoric in his recent attacks on the President.

I was once a great fan of Pat Boone, and thought Jon Voight was a good actor, but now I am disillusioned by the expressions of hatred and racism they are engaged in.

Both should apologize for their disgraceful behavior, but I know they will not, so I can just say I no longer care to watch Jon Voight in movies or listen to Pat Boone music!

Shame on both of them!