“Lunatic Fringe”

The Entertainment Right Wing Lunatic Fringe Make Fools Of Themselves!

It is amazing how many people we once admired, when we were younger and more naive, have emerged during the Obama Administration as right wing lunatic fringe types, making total fools of themselves.

This is particularly the case in the entertainment industry, as a short list, not complete, follows:

Pat Sajak
Bob Barker
Chuck Woolery
Pat Boone
Jon Voight
Andy Williams (now deceased)

All have made hateful, crazy, conspiratorial statements that make one wonder about their mental stability in their old age!

They have all passed their prime, and seem resentful of any change in America!

What a sad commentary on famous people getting old, and showing their worst sides to all of us!

One Blessing From GOP Primaries So Far: Some Tea Party Congressmen Now Gone From Congress In 2015!

The Republican Senate primaries so far have had one blessing at the least–the defeat of several Tea Party Congressmen who sought to move up to the US Senate!

In Texas, Steve Stockman lost to Senator John Cornyn; in Georgia, Phil Gingrey and Paul Broun lost in their bids for an open Senate seat!

Also, Michele Bachmann, under investigation for campaign violations in her 2012 Presidential campaign, decided not to seek another term as Congresswoman from Minnesota!

Any election period where four loony members of the House of Representatives are leaving is a welcome blessing!

Let’s hope more lose in primaries or in elections, and the American people get the kind of representation they deserve, instead of the anarchistic, lunatic fringe that the Tea Party Movement represents.

Republican Infighting Rising!

It is now clear that the Republican Party is imploding rapidly!

Witness the condemnation by right wing groups of the budget deal arranged by Congressman Paul Ryan and Democratic Senator Patty Murray of Washington, which helps to avoid another government shutdown, and attempts to provide a stable economic environment for the next two years. As Ryan said it, it is essential for some compromise, while not giving up one’s core principles. The deal is far from great, and will require payment of some retirement contributions by people in the military, and higher airline fees for passengers, but it is a step forward to avoid more economic chaos.

But various right wing groups have opposed the deal, and it is likely that Speaker John Boehner will have to count on Democratic votes to get the package approved later this week, before Congress takes a holiday break, possessing the worst record for performance of modern Congressional history! Boehner has already expressed his annoyance at conservative groups, and so the the infighting continues, as Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Tom Coburn have already denounced the agreement.

One outcome of this agreement is likely the death knell of a Paul Ryan campaign for President, because after all, he was willing to “compromise”!

But this is not the only infighting going on, as Newt Gingrich and Ted Cruz had the “gall” to issue statements complimentary of Nelson Mandela, infuring the far Right, as if Gingrich and Cruz are not part of that group. It is the crazy loonies attacking the mere crazies.

For progressives, it is a fun time, and all that one needs is some soda and popcorn, and sit and enjoy the lunatic fringe acting more looney by the moment!

The Right Wing Starts A Move To Impeach Barack Obama: Further Proof That There Is A Lunatic Fringe Which Refuses To Accept The Choice Of The American People For Their President!

The lunatic right wing is going off the deep end, into total insanity!

First, there has been a movement to have states secede from the Union, and if these mostly Southern States were to leave, it would solve a lot of the national debt and deficit problem, as the North and West and Upper Midwest, heavily “blue” areas, and also the most prosperous, would no longer have to worry about supporting the poor, backward, socially regressive “red” states who take a large portion of federal dollars to keep themselves going,, since their state governments are so atrociously inferior and inadequate!

These “red” states are becoming the laughing stock of civilized, intelligent, educated people, and they are sore losers! So if they cannot win at the ballot box, they want to take their marbles and go home, in this case to some other mystical “wonderful nation” that speaks English and will not be as “leftist” as our government supposedly is, which it is, most certainly not! And they would discover that no such nation exists, as we are the most backward nation in social reform on this earth among developed nations!

But now, some right wing whackos, joined in encouragement by Fox News Channel, is moving to impeach President Barack Obama on “high crimes and misdemeanors”, except they cannot figure out on what these crimes and misdemeanors are, other than claiming that the President is not a citizen, and has a fake birth certificate, a continuation of the “birther” movement!

These nutty extremists are so pitiful in their prejudice, their stupidity, their ignorance of the world of reality and the Constitution, and get this! Even if somehow, the smaller majority Republican House of Representatives were to draw up articles of impeachment, there is absolutely no chance in hell that two thirds of the Senate would agree to remove Obama from office, with a 55-45 Democratic majority in the upper chamber.

The whole purpose of this impeachment movement would be to besmirch the reputation of Barack Obama , which would fail, much like what happened to President Bill Clinton in 1998-1999.

And the ultimate irony is that IF Obama were to be removed, he would be replaced in the Presidency by Vice President Joe Biden, a reality that would drive the whacky right wing to become even more insane!

Fox News Channel and the whacky right wing should “get a life”!

The Lunatic Right Goes Berserk After Supreme Court Health Care Decision

The true nature of the right wing Republicans and conservative radio talk show hosts and Fox News Channel is revealing itself in the aftermath of the decision of the Supreme Court on the Obama Health Care law as being constitutional, written by Chief Justice John Roberts.

Roberts is being pilloried as a “traitor”, the Court being denounced as a “death panel”, and Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana, who once thought of running for President, said the Court decision was the equivalent of another September 11!

How reckless on the part of Mike Pence! How disgraceful a behavior by Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Congresswoman Jean Schmidt of Ohio, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, and the others on the lunatic right!

They are showing us the dangers if they were to gain total power, as Fascism would be around the corner, ready to destroy the middle class and the poor, in their support of the elite plutocracy that has become a threat since the time of Ronald Reagan onward!

We must pray every day, even if not religious, for the safety and the health of President Obama, Chief Justice Roberts, and other courageous people of different political views, who nevertheless remain in the mainstream of American politics, and want to do what is proper to promote and maintain democracy and opportunity for ALL Americans, not just the wealthy top one or two percent!

These extremists, and there are many others, reveal their true selves as they rant and rave, so go ahead, lunatic fringe, and show us what and who you are, and the American people will reject your leadership, and your talk shows in droves, as they realize that you do not give a damn about them, but only about your own selfish selves, your money and your power!

The Growing Looniness And Insanity Of Obama Critics: Joe Arpaio And Richard Cebull

It has been said that politics is entertainment, and the right wing has been more and more the lunatic fringe, never letting up on their vicious attacks on President Barack Obama.

Bill Press, the talk show host and liberal activist, has just published THE OBAMA HATE MACHINE regarding this, but even since publication, we are seeing more evidence that the pace of hate is growing ever faster.

Now we have Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is being investigated by the federal government for racial profiling and abuse of power in the handling of illegal immigrants, and Hispanics and Latinos in general, and the kind of harsh conditions that are used in jails in his county.

Arpaio now has decided to accuse Barack Obama as having a forged birth certificate, and held a press conference a few days ago to revive the “birther” conspiracy theory which has been ridiculed and exposed as false so many times that it makes one want to scream! This is his way of getting revenge on the Obama Administration, and it shows that Arpaio is a loose cannon out of control, not giving a damn about what people say or publish about him. He is an example of the worst element in law enforcement, and undermines respect for that very important group who do not need a lawess, arrogant man such as Arpaio to ruin their reputation.

And then we have US District Court Judge Richard Cebull of Montana, appointed by President George W. Bush to the federal courts in 2001, and becoming the Chief Judge for the district in Montana in 2008, who has done the most outrageous thing possible for a federal judge. He sent an email that was both racist and sexist about President Obama, stating it was a joke, showing terrible judgment, and making one wonder whether he could ever be objective in future court trials and cases in Montana. The joke was that that African Americans were equivalent to dogs, and that Obama’s white mother had had sex with animals. Cebull apologized profusely, but the damage was done, and saying it was not racist and sexist, but only anti Obama was insufficient, as a federal judge does not have the right to express political views that could affect his supposed objective judgments on cases involving race and gender that come before his court. Cebull issued a profuse apology, but that is simply not enough!

The answer is that Arpaio needs to be forced from office for his corruption and abuse of power, and that Cebull resign in disgrace, or face impeachment investigation and removal by the US Senate for his behavior, since both people are totally beyond the pale in their dealings and utterances.

Those who believe in fairness and equity in the field of law and justice MUST fight to remove these cancers from our law enforcement and judicial communities!

Rick Santorum Not Well Loved Among His Former Senate Colleagues, But Backed By “Lunatic Fringe”!

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum served in the US Senate for 12 years, and had a leadership position as the third ranking Republican, serving as the Republican Conference Chairman.

And yet, not one sitting Senator or former Senator who worked alongside him has endorsed him, while 12 of them have endorsed Mitt Romney!

And Santorum served four years in the House of Representatives, and yet only three Congressmen have endorsed him, all three from his home state.

On the other hand, Santorum has the backing of such “luminaries” as former Colorado Congressman and anti immigrant advocate Tom Tancredo of Colorado; former Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle; social conservatives Gary Bauer, James Dobson, and Tony Perkins; conservative commentators and activists David Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, Mark Levin, and Richard Viguerie; Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch; and singer Pat Boone! The list is one of people way out of the mainstream of American life, many of them seen as loony and lacking credibility!

So Rick Santorum has not impressed those he has worked with, and instead has the backing of the “lunatic fringe”, another sign that he is unacceptable to be our Commander in Chief!