Northern States

The Right Wing Starts A Move To Impeach Barack Obama: Further Proof That There Is A Lunatic Fringe Which Refuses To Accept The Choice Of The American People For Their President!

The lunatic right wing is going off the deep end, into total insanity!

First, there has been a movement to have states secede from the Union, and if these mostly Southern States were to leave, it would solve a lot of the national debt and deficit problem, as the North and West and Upper Midwest, heavily “blue” areas, and also the most prosperous, would no longer have to worry about supporting the poor, backward, socially regressive “red” states who take a large portion of federal dollars to keep themselves going,, since their state governments are so atrociously inferior and inadequate!

These “red” states are becoming the laughing stock of civilized, intelligent, educated people, and they are sore losers! So if they cannot win at the ballot box, they want to take their marbles and go home, in this case to some other mystical “wonderful nation” that speaks English and will not be as “leftist” as our government supposedly is, which it is, most certainly not! And they would discover that no such nation exists, as we are the most backward nation in social reform on this earth among developed nations!

But now, some right wing whackos, joined in encouragement by Fox News Channel, is moving to impeach President Barack Obama on “high crimes and misdemeanors”, except they cannot figure out on what these crimes and misdemeanors are, other than claiming that the President is not a citizen, and has a fake birth certificate, a continuation of the “birther” movement!

These nutty extremists are so pitiful in their prejudice, their stupidity, their ignorance of the world of reality and the Constitution, and get this! Even if somehow, the smaller majority Republican House of Representatives were to draw up articles of impeachment, there is absolutely no chance in hell that two thirds of the Senate would agree to remove Obama from office, with a 55-45 Democratic majority in the upper chamber.

The whole purpose of this impeachment movement would be to besmirch the reputation of Barack Obama , which would fail, much like what happened to President Bill Clinton in 1998-1999.

And the ultimate irony is that IF Obama were to be removed, he would be replaced in the Presidency by Vice President Joe Biden, a reality that would drive the whacky right wing to become even more insane!

Fox News Channel and the whacky right wing should “get a life”!