Republicans, Conservatives, And Conspiracy Theories And Scare Tactics

Are there any limits to what Republican operatives and conservative groups will do to defeat a reform of health care?

Among the accusations in recent weeks is that Obama plans to prevent health care to the elderly, to veterans, to anyone who is NOT a registered Democrat, and now to women who have breast cancer!

Why is it that we cannot have a reasonable debate, including alternatives offered by the opposition, to the health care crisis we have in this country?

Why is it that conspiracy theories and scare tactics are the only methods that can be used to oppose what the administration is seeking?

It is obvious why this is so–that conservatives and the Republican party don’t give a damn about the elderly, veterans, or women with breast cancer! And if they had their way, only Republicans would have health care! LOL They will stop at nothing to prevent millions of people from having health care, and from millions of others having a policy that actually covers the medical conditions that develop after they pay premiums.

Unfortunately, as often has been the case in recent years, the GOP would rather be negative than positive, and to instill fear in voters, in order to win their support!

We cannot allow the Republican party to prevent what is urgently needed in this country–health care reform!

One comment on “Republicans, Conservatives, And Conspiracy Theories And Scare Tactics

  1. Tate September 2, 2009 8:31 am


    I think the answer is a “two-fer” – as my buddy used to say.

    1) The majority of people are so dumbed down that it is easier to spend 5 minutes listening to someone else explain (with their spin) a rather complicated issue like healthcare than it is to forgo nightly T.V. watching to investigate this issue fully.

    2)Conspiracy theories provide the means to control the weak -and- for many provide a much more fascinating view of the story. In short, it is a form of entertainment

    More importantly, we are unable to have an academic and civil debate on healthcare because those in the room are not on equal footing when it comes to the facts and many – most – seem to spread their mantra from the perspective of “me” rather than “us” – which is part of the problem in this country.

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