Newt Gingrich, Laura Bush, And The National Review Agree On Obama Education Speech

Imagine this: The former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich, no friend of President Obama, believes that the Obama education speech was a great speech.

Former First Lady Laura Bush also expressed support of the President’s message, and said she believed overall, Obama is doing a good job as President.

The National Review, the leading conservative journal of opinion, declared that the Obama speech was the BEST of his Presidency, quite a coup for the President to gain the backing and support of the most significant and legitimate opposition political periodical.

So do all the parents, the conservative talk show hosts, and the political operatives of the Republican party feel foolish, as they should, with spades? No! Instead, such conservative luminaries as Laura Ingraham, Monica Crowley, and Michelle Malkin, trying to compete with the “boys” that have more notice than they do, proved they are just as outrageous and crazy, despite the fact that we would like to believe that women are the smarter sex and use more reason. I would believe that, but these women mentioned above contradict that belief I so strongly hold! 🙂 LOL

Realize that Obama won today, and made conservatives and Republicans who were reckless, as always, with the truth, look totally ridiculous and out of touch.

Any thinking American will see that the intention of the opposition is not to improve America, but instead keep it as it is–a haven for the rich and privileged, and also the biased and bigoted, who don’t want to see any improvement or change that might affect their position of power and wealth.

But it is time to let these forces of reaction be made aware, that their time of domination is over! We will bring change and reform whether you like it or not! You had your chance and you blew it!

One comment on “Newt Gingrich, Laura Bush, And The National Review Agree On Obama Education Speech

  1. Paul September 8, 2009 11:18 pm

    Just like the Armageddon that would befall us in the year 2000, the speech that was suppose to indoctrinate our youth. Now who was spreading the baseless lies…..hmm…..oh ya, “Fake News”. Is anyone real surprised? Too funny.

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