Education Speech

Newt Gingrich, Laura Bush, And The National Review Agree On Obama Education Speech

Imagine this: The former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich, no friend of President Obama, believes that the Obama education speech was a great speech.

Former First Lady Laura Bush also expressed support of the President’s message, and said she believed overall, Obama is doing a good job as President.

The National Review, the leading conservative journal of opinion, declared that the Obama speech was the BEST of his Presidency, quite a coup for the President to gain the backing and support of the most significant and legitimate opposition political periodical.

So do all the parents, the conservative talk show hosts, and the political operatives of the Republican party feel foolish, as they should, with spades? No! Instead, such conservative luminaries as Laura Ingraham, Monica Crowley, and Michelle Malkin, trying to compete with the “boys” that have more notice than they do, proved they are just as outrageous and crazy, despite the fact that we would like to believe that women are the smarter sex and use more reason. I would believe that, but these women mentioned above contradict that belief I so strongly hold! 🙂 LOL

Realize that Obama won today, and made conservatives and Republicans who were reckless, as always, with the truth, look totally ridiculous and out of touch.

Any thinking American will see that the intention of the opposition is not to improve America, but instead keep it as it is–a haven for the rich and privileged, and also the biased and bigoted, who don’t want to see any improvement or change that might affect their position of power and wealth.

But it is time to let these forces of reaction be made aware, that their time of domination is over! We will bring change and reform whether you like it or not! You had your chance and you blew it!

The Obama Education Speech: What Was The Ruckus About? NOTHING!

President Obama’s education speech, to be delivered on Tuesday at an Arlington, Virginia high school, and just released on the White House website, should cause radio talk show hosts, parents, and politicians who were screaming and yelping all kinds of crazy, whacko thoughts to feel a sense of embarrassment and a symbolic “egg all over their face”! Much ado about nothing is the sum total of the speech.

What did President Obama say in his speech? He said students need to have a sense of personal responsibility. They need to study, do their homework, obey their parents and teachers, plan for a career by finishing school, rather than dropping out.

Obama emphasized the importance of exposing oneself to education to find something that inspires every young person, and that could lead to a career that is rewarding and productive, not only to that person and his family, but to the broader society in America. Obama said training, working hard, and learning is essential for success. All students have to develop their talents, skills and intellect to solve problems that will benefit the nation at large.

Students should have no excuses for dropping out, or cutting classes, or talking back to their teachers, no matter what their personal situation, as the only way to make one’s life better, Obama states, is to get an education. A good attitude can make for a good future. One must not let a failure define you for the future, but instead struggle harder to overcome adversity, as many successful people have had to do. Hard work is unavoidable for success, and students should consult with a reliable adult to help them along the way. Most importantly, do not give up on yourself, the President warns.

Now I ask all of the naysayers: What is wrong with this message? Why did you feel the need to promote disrespect and hate for our President among your children in particular, and among Americans at large, in general? Why do you have to see evil intent in our leadership at a time when it is essential to promote UNITY to overcome the many challenges we have? Why is it you have to play politics and divide the country when we can accomplish so much more if we only see the crises we are in, as a united nation?

I know, realistically, the bitter attacks will not end, but I will say it would be a wonderful thing if we would give at least enough credit to our President, that even if we do not all agree with everything he says and does, that at least he has the right intentions.

Do not, please, paint him as a dictator, a Hitler, a demagogue, and even an evil man, who one so called Baptist preacher prays should die in office. That is not true religious doctrine, to promote hate and wish death. This kind of hate needs to be condemned universally. Realize that those who promote such hate and division only do so for their own advancement, not the good of the nation, and we as a nation need to say “ENOUGH”!

Mitt Romney Versus Tim Pawlenty

The debate over Barack Obama’s education speech has already led to what can be described as a split between two potential GOP candidates for the Presidential nomination in 2012.

Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota has taken the low road, claiming that the idea of a Presidential address emphasizing setting of goals, staying in school, and promoting responsibility among children, is disruptive, uninvited, and should not be forced on the nation’s children. Huh? How is it disruptive, Governor Pawlenty? Why do you think such advice from an authority figure such as the President of the United States is uninvited, and is forcing anything on the nation’s students? Why is it one gets the feeling that you are Tim Pawlenty speaking through the brain and mouth of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann? Are you so afraid of her and her loony followers that you can be so irresponsible, particularly in the light of Presidents Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush and George W Bush having similar contacts with students? Do you really think that all parents are doing their job adequately, and that therefore if the President speaks on the subject of education, that he is being harmful? Shame on you, Governor Pawlenty!

Mitt Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts, on the other hand, is speaking responsibly at this time on this subject. His reaction, so far, has been to say that it is appropriate that the President encourage the nation’s students to be responsible and finish school. He does say that the President should not get into policy plans or politics, but it is clear that the President NEVER had the intention to do so in the first place. So Romney says the responsible thing, but saves his flank by just warning the President to avoid doing what he never intended to do!

So early on in the Presidential race, again, Mitt Romney looks a whole lot better than his opponents, including Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, and now, Tim Pawlenty! I congratulate you, Mitt Romney! Keep up the responsible image that you now have! We need more GOP leaders to speak as you have!

Responsible Conservatives And Republicans: Stand Up Against Paranoia And For The Truth!

Is setting goals and staying in school and promoting responsibility part of a socialist-communist-liberal conspiracy of the Obama Administration?

Is Barack Obama involved in mind control, trying to brain wash the nation’s children, attempting to recruit an army of children to take away parental rights, and promote indoctrination of students so as to make them Democrats, rather than Republicans?

Is it the intent of our government to promote elitist views and pollute the minds of the next generation?

Is Barack Obama to be seen as the equivalent of Saddam Hussein, or Fidel Castro, or Kim Jong Il?

These are the kinds of crazy, lunatic ideas that are being promoted by the right wing whackos, and it makes one realize that the biggest enemy of our nation’s school children is right wing, conspiratorial talk show hosts and websites that manage to recruit parents who are in many cases, by their promotion of hate and prejudice and ignorance, victimizing their own offspring, so that they will grow up with inability to think critically, analyze information, and face the realities of the modern world.

It is time to find responsible conservatives and Republicans to repudiate this insanity about the Barack Obama education speech coming up next Tuesday.

In their hearts, the intelligent and responsible conservatives and Republicans KNOW that the fear and accusations being promoted by irresponsible elements is just paranoia, and needs to be repudiated in the way that William F. Buckley, Jr, publisher of the National Review, the premier conservative publication of the 1950s and 1960s, rejected the crazy, conspiratorial theories of the John Birch Society.

So, I call on the National Review, the Weekly Standard, Human Events, and other conservative journals of opinion to speak up forcefully, and for Republican leadership, including Senator Mitch McConnell, Congressman John Boehner, Congressman Eric Cantor, and Republican National Chairman Michael Steele to denounce this outrageous attack on a cause worth fighting for: setting educational goals, staying in school, and being responsible.

If these publications and leaders remain silent or join in the conspiratorial argument, then the American people, the intelligent part of them at least, needs to reject them as a responsible alternative for the American future. It is time to stop this disgraceful onslaught at a time when we, as a nation, desperately need to unite to resolve our economic and social ills!