Responsible Conservatives And Republicans: Stand Up Against Paranoia And For The Truth!

Is setting goals and staying in school and promoting responsibility part of a socialist-communist-liberal conspiracy of the Obama Administration?

Is Barack Obama involved in mind control, trying to brain wash the nation’s children, attempting to recruit an army of children to take away parental rights, and promote indoctrination of students so as to make them Democrats, rather than Republicans?

Is it the intent of our government to promote elitist views and pollute the minds of the next generation?

Is Barack Obama to be seen as the equivalent of Saddam Hussein, or Fidel Castro, or Kim Jong Il?

These are the kinds of crazy, lunatic ideas that are being promoted by the right wing whackos, and it makes one realize that the biggest enemy of our nation’s school children is right wing, conspiratorial talk show hosts and websites that manage to recruit parents who are in many cases, by their promotion of hate and prejudice and ignorance, victimizing their own offspring, so that they will grow up with inability to think critically, analyze information, and face the realities of the modern world.

It is time to find responsible conservatives and Republicans to repudiate this insanity about the Barack Obama education speech coming up next Tuesday.

In their hearts, the intelligent and responsible conservatives and Republicans KNOW that the fear and accusations being promoted by irresponsible elements is just paranoia, and needs to be repudiated in the way that William F. Buckley, Jr, publisher of the National Review, the premier conservative publication of the 1950s and 1960s, rejected the crazy, conspiratorial theories of the John Birch Society.

So, I call on the National Review, the Weekly Standard, Human Events, and other conservative journals of opinion to speak up forcefully, and for Republican leadership, including Senator Mitch McConnell, Congressman John Boehner, Congressman Eric Cantor, and Republican National Chairman Michael Steele to denounce this outrageous attack on a cause worth fighting for: setting educational goals, staying in school, and being responsible.

If these publications and leaders remain silent or join in the conspiratorial argument, then the American people, the intelligent part of them at least, needs to reject them as a responsible alternative for the American future. It is time to stop this disgraceful onslaught at a time when we, as a nation, desperately need to unite to resolve our economic and social ills!

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