Mitt Romney Versus Tim Pawlenty

The debate over Barack Obama’s education speech has already led to what can be described as a split between two potential GOP candidates for the Presidential nomination in 2012.

Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota has taken the low road, claiming that the idea of a Presidential address emphasizing setting of goals, staying in school, and promoting responsibility among children, is disruptive, uninvited, and should not be forced on the nation’s children. Huh? How is it disruptive, Governor Pawlenty? Why do you think such advice from an authority figure such as the President of the United States is uninvited, and is forcing anything on the nation’s students? Why is it one gets the feeling that you are Tim Pawlenty speaking through the brain and mouth of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann? Are you so afraid of her and her loony followers that you can be so irresponsible, particularly in the light of Presidents Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush and George W Bush having similar contacts with students? Do you really think that all parents are doing their job adequately, and that therefore if the President speaks on the subject of education, that he is being harmful? Shame on you, Governor Pawlenty!

Mitt Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts, on the other hand, is speaking responsibly at this time on this subject. His reaction, so far, has been to say that it is appropriate that the President encourage the nation’s students to be responsible and finish school. He does say that the President should not get into policy plans or politics, but it is clear that the President NEVER had the intention to do so in the first place. So Romney says the responsible thing, but saves his flank by just warning the President to avoid doing what he never intended to do!

So early on in the Presidential race, again, Mitt Romney looks a whole lot better than his opponents, including Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, and now, Tim Pawlenty! I congratulate you, Mitt Romney! Keep up the responsible image that you now have! We need more GOP leaders to speak as you have!

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