The Obama Education Speech: What Was The Ruckus About? NOTHING!

President Obama’s education speech, to be delivered on Tuesday at an Arlington, Virginia high school, and just released on the White House website, should cause radio talk show hosts, parents, and politicians who were screaming and yelping all kinds of crazy, whacko thoughts to feel a sense of embarrassment and a symbolic “egg all over their face”! Much ado about nothing is the sum total of the speech.

What did President Obama say in his speech? He said students need to have a sense of personal responsibility. They need to study, do their homework, obey their parents and teachers, plan for a career by finishing school, rather than dropping out.

Obama emphasized the importance of exposing oneself to education to find something that inspires every young person, and that could lead to a career that is rewarding and productive, not only to that person and his family, but to the broader society in America. Obama said training, working hard, and learning is essential for success. All students have to develop their talents, skills and intellect to solve problems that will benefit the nation at large.

Students should have no excuses for dropping out, or cutting classes, or talking back to their teachers, no matter what their personal situation, as the only way to make one’s life better, Obama states, is to get an education. A good attitude can make for a good future. One must not let a failure define you for the future, but instead struggle harder to overcome adversity, as many successful people have had to do. Hard work is unavoidable for success, and students should consult with a reliable adult to help them along the way. Most importantly, do not give up on yourself, the President warns.

Now I ask all of the naysayers: What is wrong with this message? Why did you feel the need to promote disrespect and hate for our President among your children in particular, and among Americans at large, in general? Why do you have to see evil intent in our leadership at a time when it is essential to promote UNITY to overcome the many challenges we have? Why is it you have to play politics and divide the country when we can accomplish so much more if we only see the crises we are in, as a united nation?

I know, realistically, the bitter attacks will not end, but I will say it would be a wonderful thing if we would give at least enough credit to our President, that even if we do not all agree with everything he says and does, that at least he has the right intentions.

Do not, please, paint him as a dictator, a Hitler, a demagogue, and even an evil man, who one so called Baptist preacher prays should die in office. That is not true religious doctrine, to promote hate and wish death. This kind of hate needs to be condemned universally. Realize that those who promote such hate and division only do so for their own advancement, not the good of the nation, and we as a nation need to say “ENOUGH”!

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