Franklin Roosevelt

Bill Clinton’s Advice To Barack Obama: Move Ahead On Health Care Reform

Former President Bill Clinton has advised President Obama to move ahead on reform with or without GOP support.

Clinton points out that there are enough Democrats to bring about health care reform without Republican backing if that party’s members refuse to back any bill. We should move ahead and not let the opposition prevent change because of their unwillingness to compromise and support any legislation.

It is clear to me that if we are to let the Republicans dictate what is to be done in health care, we will lose the best opportunity in a generation to bring about what has been talked about on and off since the time of Harry Truman–the need to protect ALL Americans by providing low cost health care that has no people left out because of preconditions medically.

Obama, by his victory by a larger margin than any President in a generation, needs to keep his promise to his supporters and fight for what he feels we need–a public option and REAL reform of the whole health care system. Democrats need to remember that they have won this election in 2008 decisively, and the winners decide the future, not the losers.

The Republicans know how to promote their victories, and Democrats need to stop apologizing for their triumph last November and assert their authority to change the future.

We are waiting with baited breath for what we hope will be a President utilizing the techniques of Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, and Ronald Reagan to accomplish his goals.

Bill Clinton failed to accomplish his goal 16 years ago of health care reform. It is time for Barack Obama to fulfill what President Clinton was unable to achieve!