The Right Wing Attack On Everything Imaginable!

The Right Wing media propaganda machine has become “expert” at attacking everything imaginable that they consider to be “liberal”, “progressive”, “socialist”, “communist”, or any other left wing ideology they can dream up, and managing to put all of these widely differing philosophies together as stereotypes.

So in no special order, the following have come under attack in a vicious manner over time:

Welfare recipients
Food Stamp recipients
Uninsured people
The Homeless
The Poor
The Unemployed
Foreclosed Homeowners
The Working Poor
The Working Class
The Middle Class
Social Security
College Professors
Liberal Intellectuals
Liberal News Media
Police Officers
Public Service Workers
Labor Unions
Voting Rights
Women’s Rights
Undocumented Immigrants
Gays and Lesbians
Civil Rights Groups
Civil Liberties Groups
Planned Parenthood
Federal Government Agencies
National Public Radio
Public Broadcasting System
Hillary Clinton
Michelle Obama
Joe Biden
Barack Obama

Probably some have been left out, but this is a list which demonstrates the total negativity of the right wing, and why America is rejecting them in their voting behavior!

Poll On Republicans: 26 Percent Positive, 49 Percent Negative

A new poll shows Republicans at a low point in popularity, only gaining 26 percent support, while 49 percent see the party as negative.

Also, 64 percent of Republicans believe Barack Obama is hiding his past, with many believing the “Birther” theory that he was born in Kenya, and is not an American citizen. Also, 19 percent believe Obama stole the 2012 election.

What can one say after hearing these poll numbers? The Republican Party has become so right wing, so out of touch with reality, that it will believe anything negative about Obama, and has made clear that they will do everything possible to block any successes by the President on any subject, including the economy.

With their inability to gain majority or near majority support of women, Hispanics and Latinos, Asian Americans, African Americans, young people, gays and lesbians, labor, environmentalists, and of 60 percent of the electoral votes of the nation, the Republican Party needs to change its tune, but looks as if they are doubling down on their obstinacy, obstructionism, and negativism.

This means further defeats, and possible dissolution of the Republican Party after 160 years of existence, including glorious times, sadly now a faint memory!

Bobby Jindal Tells Republicans To Stop Being “Stupid” Party! But Is That Possible?

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has declared that the Republican Party has to stop acting “stupid”, and must stop backing no increase in taxes on the wealthy, and insulting the intelligence of voters by crazy statements and viewpoints.

This all sounds very good in theory, but is what Jindal suggests really possible?

The answer is NO, as the following evidence demonstrates:

1, The Republican Party insulted their own history by having loony, nutty, whacky candidates in the race for the Presidency, including Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, and Rick Santorum. And Santorum made it clear that the Republican Party would never get the backing of intelligent, educated, smart people, which is absolutely the case right now

2. The Republicans settled on Mitt Romney, who looked reasonable in 2011, but in order to win the nomination of his party, totally transformed himself into a mean, nasty, hard hearted candidate who was willing to lie, to deceive, to change his views daily, deny his whole political heritage, and came across ultimately as totally insincere and untrustworthy. Many people found Mitt Romney obnoxious, feeling privileged and entitled, extremely phony to the core, and just wanting the campaign to end so that they no longer had to see his face and hear his voice!

3. Mitt Romney proceeded to pick an absolutely horrible Vice Presidential running mate, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, who came across as totally ideological, and alienated senior citizens and others with his call for privatizing Medicare and Social Security, and his extreme right wing agenda to cut the budget ruthlessly, without ever raising any taxes on the wealthy, who have had a ten year break from reasonable taxation, because of the Bush tax cuts. Ryan helped Romney to lose the “battleground” states, and his appointment showed poor judgment by Romney.

4. The Republican Party declared “war” on women, Hispanics and Latinos, young people wanting to get an education, senior citizens concerned about Social Security and Medicare, the disabled concerned about Medicaid, those who cared about the environment and consumer rights, those who support labor rights, African Americans who saw racism in the GOP message, and many others who were totally turned off to the party message.

5. The conservative media are like poison to the Republican Party, as are the social conservatives who want to interfere with people’s private lives based on promoting theocracy in America, and the Grover Norquist promotion of never, under any circumstances, raising taxes—all of this makes the Republican Party totally toxic to most voters. And of course, the decision to repudiate science in favor of religion shows how backward the party has become.

6. To believe that the Republican Party will change under these circumstances is to be naive, and any change would seem to be phony and just looking for votes, not a sincere reform or conversion.

If Obama Loses, We Lose MUCH More Than He Loses!

President Obama has made the statement that were he to lose the Presidential Election Of 2012, he and Michelle would do just fine, and that is certainly true.

After all, he has been President, will go down in history as a President who had some positive effects on the nation, and will be able to spend the rest of his life with great earnings potential, and rising popularity over time, and would be mourned when he dies, with a state funeral, and always be part of the story of American history.

Being a one term President, he would be likely to have a lower ranking in the list of Presidents, as Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush have had, along with William Howard Taft, Herbert Hoover, and Gerald Ford, the five Presidents of the 20th century who lost reelection.

Obama has had a record deserving of being listed higher, but he needs a second term to reach the ranks of the more outstanding Presidents.

But, ultimately, the biggest loser if Obama is not reelected, are:

Women–who will see their movement toward equality and dignity stalled or reversed in massive ways.

Gay men and women–who will likely lose the advancements on gay rights and gay marriage, and true equality in all ways.

Hispanics and Latinos–who will see more anti immigrant backlash, and will lose the advancements for young Immigrants under the proposed DREAM Act.

African Americans—who will see greater racism and discrimination, and setbacks in the promotion of equality and fairness of treatment.

Labor–who will see more attacks on workers rights, favoritism toward corporate employers, loss of collective bargaining rights, and setbacks in the lives of ordinary, struggling Americans who have no union representation.

Environmentalists–who will see more oil drilling, air pollution, refusal to understand the dangers of climate change, and allow economic development that endangers the health of millions of Americans, all for the motivation of profit over health concerns.

The poor–who have rough lives, will see a lack of concern or action to deal with the reality of child poverty, homelessness, hunger, the lives of single mothers, and further condemnation of the poor, reminding us of the Gilded Age and Social Darwinism.

The Middle Class–who will suffer further degradation, loss of opportunity to advance, and the potential for their children to succeed being lessened dramatically.

Young People–who will have fewer opportunities to advance in education and work, and will be embittered and disillusioned about the American Dream, which will be unfulfilled for millions.

Senior Citizens–who will have to live in fear of dangers to Social Security and Medicare, and will lose the sense of security and contentment in their older years.

The Disabled—whether young, middle aged, or old, who will see a loss of concern and support, as through Medicaid and other government programs.

Civil Libertarians–who will see further erosion of the Bill of Rights, and the promotion of narrow minded views of Muslims and Hispanics-Latinos by government policy.

The Peace activists–who will see America engaged in more wars, because of the power of Neoconservatives who will promote further foreign adventures.

Military Personnel and Veterans–who will see more soldiers killed in the future, and more ignoring of the needs of veterans who are fortunate enough to come home alive.

Educators and Intellectuals–who will be less appreciated and admired, and will be labeled “Communists, Socialists, Terrorists” by people in the Republican Party, who will do everything they can to attack education and freedom of thought, and call critics “unpatriotic”.

So Barack Obama will do just fine if he loses, but we, the American people, will lose so much, and it will transform our lives in so many negative ways that most people cannot conceptualize or imagine!

Delusional Derangement Syndrome: A New Conspiracy Theory Being Formulated When Barack Obama Wins A Second Term!

Republicans, and conservative talk radio and Fox News Channel, have developed a Delusional Derangement Syndrome—a new conspiracy theory to make a second term of Barack Obama in the Presidency illegitimate.

The “conspiracy” is that the public opinion polls are in the “pocket” of Barack Obama, are being paid off by him to disillusion Mitt Romney voters, so that they do not vote, and therefore, set up the reelection of Barack Obama to a second term in the Presidency. But the shortcoming in this conspiracy theory is that hate motivates those who want Obama to lose, and it will not stop them from voting!

So Obama had no right to be President the first time because he was born in Kenya, and manipulated the people through a conspiracy that elected him by a ten million vote margin, and now he is solidifying his power by manipulating the people to think he cannot lose!

It is obvious that the forces opposed to Obama seriously need medication and psychiatric and psychological counseling, as their hate of the first African American President is so intense that they must conjure up conspiracy theories to explain how he is winning the backing of the American people. Could it just be that Obama understands and cares about the American people, and has been working night and day for four years to do his best to clean up the mess the Republicans created? According to these people, of course not, but they are illegitimate in their crazy thoughts!

The fact that Mitt Romney has shown his true colors, and how he does not give a damn about anyone but the rich, is not considered to be a reason for Obama winning.

The fact that the Republicans are out to destroy Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security is not considered to be a reason for Obama winning.

The fact that the Republicans are working against the interests of women, Latinos and Hispanics, African Americans, labor, environmentalists, senior citizens college students, gays and lesbians, and poor children is not considered to be a reason for Barack Obama winning.

The fact that conservatives are ready to take us into more wars; that they refuse to consider the need for tax increases on the wealthy; that they are very willing to allow religious influence in public policy making; and that they are supportive of preventing any job creation or economic growth in order to defeat Barack Obama, is not seen as reasons for Barack Obama winning.

Conservatives and Republicans, including talk show hosts and Fox News Channel, live in their own parallel universe, but they exude their total hatred and disgust with 99 percent of the American people!

That is why they are going to lose the Presidency and control of Congress in six weeks, because they DESERVE to lose, and to be forced to reorganize, get rid of the loonies and crazies of the Tea Party Movement, or else become part of the dustbin of history, and be replaced by a reasonable, mainstream alternative that the nation can be proud of!

The Long Range Direction Of American Presidential Politics: Democratic Party Ascendancy!

When one examines the move of the Republican Party toward the far Right, under the control of extremist elements, and only attracting white males in large numbers, whether wealthy or working class, a strange alliance to say the least, one realizes that the future direction of the nation, particularly on the Presidential level, is toward Democratic Party ascendancy in future Presidential elections.

Barack Obama is well on his way to a second term, as explained by the Electoral College math, and will win somewhere between 288 at the least, and 398 at the most, in electoral votes. He will win between 23 and 32 states, plus the District of Columbia.

With the Hispanic and Latino population growing by leaps and bounds, and continuing in that trend over the next decade, five states that conceivably could go to Obama in 2012, but probably won’t, will become more likely “blue” by 2016 and 2020—Indiana, Missouri, Montana, Arizona and Georgia.

But even those states that have a high unemployment rate now, which means they might go to Mitt Romney—Florida, North Carolina, Colorado and Nevada—will most likely go Democratic in the future, due to their growing Hispanic and Latino population.

The four states that have lower than average unemployment rates and are seen as likely to go to President Obama—New Hampshire, Virginia, Ohio, and Iowa—are also likely to go Democratic in future Presidential campaigns, with the higher Hispanic and Latino population there too!

So even if Obama cannot win the maximum of 32 states, future Democratic nominees for President have a good chance of winning that number of states, and therefore win overwhelmingly in the Electoral College!

And added to this is the state of Texas, which by 2020, if not 2016, could revert back to the Democratic Party because of the rapidly growing Hispanic and Latino population, making for a maximum potential of 33 states, plus the District of Columbia, and a potential grand total of 436 electoral votes out of 538, leaving only 102 electoral votes for the Republicans from 17 states—South Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, and Alaska!

Of course, the person who is the nominee, and the events at the time, will decide if the Democrats really can win all but 17 states, and all but 102 electoral votes,so nothing is guaranteed.

But if the Republican Party continues to alienate the Hispanic and Latino population, plus African Americans, women, young people who are socially liberal, senior citizens who are fearful of the GOP plans on Social Security and Medicare, environmentalists, labor supporters, gays and lesbians, and those against foreign interventions on a regular basis, then indeed the Democrats could become a majority in Presidential races, and have a greater chance of controlling Congress and many state legislatures in future decades!

Medicare Will Decide The Election: IF Obama Wins Florida AND New Hampshire Of “Battleground” States, He Wins The Presidency!

Chuck Todd of NBC’s Meet The Press just demonstrated how close Barack Obama is to a victory for the White House.

Showing an electoral vote map with 237 electoral votes in Obama’s camp and 191 in Mitt Romney’s camp, Todd demonstrates that there are NINE true “battleground” or “swing” states, and if Obama wins Florida and New Hampshire, he has the second term he wants in the White House! And the issue of Medicare, brought to central focus by Paul Ryan and his budget plans on that program, will be the center of the victory of Obama for the Presidency!

Even if Romney wins the other seven contestable states—Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado, and Nevada—he would lose the Electoral College 270-268, due to Florida’s 29 electoral votes and New Hampshire’s 4 electoral votes!

But, to assume that Obama would really lose all seven of those states is also delusional, as it is certain that he will win some, and probably, most of them!

This author has been saying this for a long time, and has found some readers of this blog, conservative and Republican friends and associates, and people on Fox News Channel and talk radio, act as if only the public opinion polls, which often show a close race in many states and nationally, should be paid attention to, but that is NOT the case!

The election is decided by the Electoral College, NOT the popular vote nationally,and do not forget that George W. Bush LOST the popular vote in 2000, but was declared the winner of the Electoral College! The same happened to Benjamin Harrison, Rutherford Hayes, and John Quincy Adams in the past!

But to conclude that, somehow, Barack Obama will lose the national popular vote, with the Republican alienation of Hispanics-Latinos, African Americans, women, young voters, the middle class, senior citizens, gays and lesbians, the poor, labor, educators, consumer advocates, environmentalists, and secular voters—in each case, the majority, not all of any group, of course—indicates that those believing what they do are indeed delusional, and cannot be helped by ordinary medical intervention!

Dead Fish And Birds, Destruction Of Trees, Massive Forest Fires And Flooding, Record Setting Temperatures: Is This Not Global Warming, Senator James Inhofe Of Oklahoma?

Republican Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma is the leading global warming denier among all of the critics of environmentalists who warn us of the danger of greenhouse gases.

We hear a constant drone from him, many other Republican politicians, and conservative talk show hosts, who refuse to accept that what is happening in the earth’s atmosphere is a serious environmental crisis which will only get worse. Backed by the oil and other energy industries that have no concern except for profits, they have prevented any cooperation with other nations, or any serious attack on the growing problem which is rapidly affecting millions of Americans, and eventually will totally consume us, if no action is taken, or plans made for a response.

We see dead fish, birds and wildlife; destruction of trees on a stupendous scale; massive forest fires and flooding; record setting temperatures which are killing the poorer among us who cannot escape the oppressive heat; along with the rapid melting of glaciers around the world, and all we get is obstructionism.

This is a moral issue that requires true leadership, or else the planet is doomed, as conditions will get worse, and our children and grandchildren will look back at this time and wonder why we allowed lowlifes such as Senator Inhofe to blockade action, based upon their own greed, selfishness, and ignorance!

The Total Hypocrisy Of Evangelical Christian Minister Pat Robertson: Divorce Mate If He Or She Has Alzheimers Disease!

Evangelical Christian Minister Pat Robertson has long been a leader in the Christian Right Movement, having been involved in the Moral Majority and Christian Coalition groups in the 1980s and 1990s. along with others, including the late Jerry Falwell.

Robertson has long been controversial for his statements and actions, regarding liberals, environmentalists, feminists, gays and other groups. And he also ran for President in the Republican primaries of 1988, claiming that God was behind him.

He has always emphasized “family values” on his Christian Broadcasting Network, and continues to have millions of followers, despite his controversial stands on many issues.

Now 81, he made the controversial statement after the Mid Atlantic Earthquake in August that it was caused by people who “act gay”. He had earlier blamed September 11 on the various groups mentioned above.

He has been known for statements far greater in number than the above, all of which would make anyone wonder about his sanity and his ethics!

But now, in the latest controversy, he suggests that IF a person has a mate who has Alzheimers Disease, it is proper to divorce and find someone else!

Imagine that: forget the vows one takes in marriage regarding being there in sickness and in health, till death do us part. Instead, pursue one’s own selfish interests, and give up all morals and ethics, as long as you put yourself first!

What kind of a religious leader would preach such outrageous ideas to his followers, many of whom are young, and already live in a society where marriage is not valued, and divorce is looked at as something to be expected?

Pat Robertson should give up his ministry and his television network and stop speaking out, as everything he professes is simply poison, hate, and insanity!

And one has to wonder if he has the early signs of Alzheimers Disease himself! What a disgraceful “good Christian” this man is, an embarrassment to the concept of Jesus Christ and religion!

Obama And The Environmentalists: Not Quite What They Were Looking For!

President Obama has surprised environmentalists by proposing oil drilling in the Atlantic from Delaware to Central Florida, and in some areas of the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska.

At the same time, he is not allowing oil drilling in South Florida waters and in parts of the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska.

In so doing, he has angered both environmentalists and Republicans, because he has gone too far for the former and too limited for the latter.

Obama says he recognizes that fossil fuels are not the long term future, but argues that some further exploration is needed to help the energy situation over the next two to three decades.

The danger to the coastlines of the Atlantic, Gulf, and Arctic is still a worrisome thing, although Obama claims that methods of oil rigging and shipping are such that the danger is far less than it was years ago. There is also the concern over danger to wildife and ocean species, but he claims that he is following a safe, measured approach.

Basically, Obama is trying to come down squarely in the middle–allowing some energy development and growth, but being still cautious enough to displease Republicans and conservatives who think all areas should be open to oil drilling.

This adds to the growing perception by thoughtful observers that Obama is really a moderate centrist who will never be able to please the extreme left of his party, and of course, will continue to be called a “socialist” by the far right and the Republican opposition.

Despite this disappointment that many environmentalists feel, it seems to the author that Obama’s head is in the right place, and that, overall, his environmental policies will be seen as more positive and productive in the long haul!

And in the long run, being a moderate centrist with a tip to the left is not a bad place to be for an American President!