Teabaggers: Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out To Canada Or Australia!

The moronic Tea Party Movement has suffered a major defeat in the Presidential and Congressional Elections of 2012, and many are planning a move out of America to other English speaking nations, specifically Canada and Australia.

They do not wish to go to Great Britain, where the Conservative Party is in charge of the government, because their brand of conservatism is not conservative enough, and they actually have national health care and believe in global warming and climate change, so horrors to the idea of living in such a nation!

Now Canada sounds good to them, and has a conservative Prime Minister, but these Teabaggers seem not to be aware that they also have national health care and other socially advanced programs, more so than the United States.

Now, Australia sounds good, but they have a “radical” government led by a woman who is an atheist, so damn it, that is no good either!

In fact, all three nations believe in science, have advanced health care, and none of them allow religion to have such a foothold over their politics as we tend to do, or did until this recent election, when the religious zealots, who want a theocracy, lost out, along with the Teabaggers!

Where are these ignorant, moronic Teabaggers to go? Well . . . ..

I have an idea! Get a rocket ready at Cape Canaveral, Florida, and do not charge the Teabaggers for the cost of the trip!

And you ask: Where would they be going in the rocket?

How about a one way trip to the moon, no possibility of return to earth?

Now that is a NICE thought! Have a good evening!

2 comments on “Teabaggers: Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out To Canada Or Australia!

  1. Cassie Mires November 14, 2012 2:08 pm

    Doc I’m glad that you’ve distinguished the “Tea Party Movement” from the Republican Party. Too often we hear the two used interchangebly and that is not the case. I believe they have hijacked the party from the more moderate of us and they are weilding far too much power. We need to get back to being a party of substance not name calling and temper tantrums.


  2. Ronald November 14, 2012 4:07 pm

    Thanks, but the problem is that Romney and others allowed the Tea Party to have too great an influence, and the Tea Party still has influence in the House of Representatives, so John Boehner needs to crack the whip and make it clear that he will not be controlled by them, as they are the doom of any future GOP rise to the White House or control of the Senate.

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