Barack Obama Emphasizes Importance Of Math And Science

President Obama is promoting initiatives to emphasize the need for America to educate its students in the crucial fields of math and science.

In comments today, the President said we need to improve our inferior world position on student achievement in math and science.

Obama’s visit to South Korea convinced him of the need to emphasize American excellence in both fields, and he said that hearing that South Korean parents demanded that their children work hard to accomplish good results was a good model for what American parents and educators should expect from our students.

Part of the new strategy is to promote excellence being rewarded by White House attention on the level of sports and entertainment, through the promotion of an annual Science Fair. Also, utilization of PBS’s Sesame Street to reach children at a young age is part of the plan.

Obama’s push to promote science and math education is to be applauded, and could really make a difference in the level of excellence in American education. Whatever resources can be utilized need to be employed in the accomplishment of these goals!

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