Fox News Channel: More Evidence Of Lies And Racism!

Fox News Channel continues to conduct itself in an outrageous manner.

All of its talk show hosts–Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck–continue to use the “racism” charge against Barack Obama.

Now it is revealed that Rupert Murdoch, the journalism mogul who owns Fox News and many newspapers, believes himself that Obama is a racist and backs up his employees in their assertions.

Not only that, but Sean Hannity has been revealed as a liar–no surprise–in his so called “inadvertent” use of a two month old tape to show a rally in DC of Tea Party people–with a larger crowd then compared to a more recent event–and both events tinged with racism and anti semitism references. This was revealed by Jon Stewart on his Comedy Channel show, and forced Hannity into an admission of a so called “error”!

So the continued evidence of lies and racism on the part of Fox News Channel and its owner and employees and star talk show hosts makes one wonder: Why does any thinking person continue to watch this disgrace of a news channel, which is rightfully, as some have said , to be considered an “opinion” channel, out to distort the truth and reality and to poison the atmosphere of political discourse!

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