The Reality For Barack Obama: Jobs Are The Issue!

Today, it was announced that the unemployment rate has hit 10.2 percent, the highest since April 1983.

Unemployment is a troublesome issue, with the realization that the real unemployment rate, counting those who have stopped looking for work and are no longer getting unemployment compensation, and even those who only work part time, making it impossible to support their bills, is probably closer to 18 percent.

Stress and tension is rising, leading to more bloodshed and violence around the nation, and it is becoming very obvious that IF we do not see unemployment starting to decline and real work opportunities start to grow over the next nine months, it will be a devastating midterm election for the Democrats in 2010, and a sign of impending disaster for Barack Obama in 2012.

The American people only have so much patience, and Obama could be in danger of being seen as another Herbert Hoover or Jimmy Carter–smart person but totally ineffective when faced with a crisis.

So Obama has to, somehow, come up with a magic potion that creates substantial economic revival by the summer of 2010, or face the repudiation of his party by the American people in November 2010!

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