Fox News Channel Poll Shows Obama Ahead Of Romney By Five Points!

Imagine this: Fox News Channel, which has been attacking Barack Obama relentlessly for years, has come out with a poll showing Obama five points ahead of Mitt Romney, 48-43!

How is Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly going to explain this?

How is Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and Michael Savage and Mark Levin and Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham and Michael Reagan and Lou Dobbs and Michelle Malkin going to explain this?

How is the Tea Party Movement and the evangelical Christian Right going to explain this?

How is John Boehner and Mitch McConnell and Eric Cantor going to explain this?

How is Human Events, the Weekly Standard, The National Review, the American Conservative and NewsMax going to explain this?

How is George Will, Bill Kristol, Tony Perkins and Grover Norquist going to explain this?

The answer is that they cannot answer this—and that when one realizes that this five point lead is BEFORE the gaffe of Mitt Romney about Libya is computed, it can only mean a wider lead for Obama in the next poll!

In other words, while no one wants to say it, face the facts!


But that does not mean one should not vote, as until the vote is counted, nothing is one hundred percent, BUT it is safe to say that the election is indeed over!

The Trump Debate Collapses: What It Means For 2012!

The smack in the face and ego of Donald Trump, as his NewsMax debate has collapsed, with only two out of seven candidates agreeing to participate, is going to reverberate in American politics in 2012.

It can be certain that Trump is furious and humiliated by the series of events, and it is also clear that he will endorse Newt Gingrich after the two way debate with Rick Santorum.

And, assuming that the mainstream conservative wing of the party is able to stop Gingrich from being the nominee, it is certain that Donald Trump will run as an Independent candidate out of pique, and desire for constant attention, and his own extreme narcissism.

Such a move against the Republican Party will only help President Barack Obama, and lead to victories for the Democrats in Congress as well, certainly more than if Trump did not run!

And with Ron Paul likely to run as a Libertarian candidate as well, we are likely to have a four way race, all to the benefit of President Obama!

The “Trump” Debate Becomes Marginal! And Establishment, Libertarian, And Tea Party Republicans Are In Revolt!

The “Trump” Republican Presidential Debate, cosponsored by NewsMax, a conservative news link, was a joke from the beginning, with the concept that Donald Trump, a braggart, an egotist, a narcissistic billionaire, who inherited his wealth, and has gone bankrupt several times, should have the right to get involved in a presidential campaign as a sponsor of a debate, when he, even now, threatens that if the chosen candidate he endorses after the debate does not win the nomination, he may return to the race himself as an Independent candidate!

Well, now with the refusal of Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul, and today, Mitt Romney, to be involved in the charade, the circus, Trump is left with Newt Gingrich (who it seems, assuredly, he will endorse), Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, and Michele Bachmann, although Bachmann’s camp has only said she is considering whether to participate.

This “Trump” debate is infuriating the Establishment (Bush) conservatives, who fear that the party is going down the drain, and do not like Gingrich and his ethical and moral violations; and also the libertarian Ron Paul and Tea Party wing, who feel Gingrich is a BIG GOVERNMENT conservative, just what they hate!

So the “Trump” debate only further exacerbates the Republican Party blood letting that is going on, all to the benefit of Barack Obama!

A Show NOT To Be Missed: The Trump Moderated Republican Presidential Debate In Des Moines, Iowa On December 27

For those who LOVE dramatics and want a good evening of laughter, tune in on the Ion Television network, available on most extended cable systems, on Tuesday, December 27, when Donald Trump will host and moderate a Republican Presidential debate in Des Moines, Iowa, one week before the Iowa Caucuses!

Cosponsored by NewsMax, a conservative news website and magazine, Trump plans to ask challenging questions, particularly on foreign policy, where he feels the United States needs to make clear that this nation will not be pushed around by China, Iran, Pakistan and other nations that he considers the enemy. He sounds ready to bomb and invade everywhere, and is joined in that by Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry in their boastfulness about how “masculine” they are! And it will be fun to see Ron Paul clash with Trump, since he is on the extreme opposite side on the issue of foreign intervention!

Trump also intends to endorse one of the candidates after the debate, but if that candidate fails to win the nomination, he is considering running as an Independent in the fall campaign! All the better as that will guarantee Barack Obama a second term in the White House!

As a sign of sanity and intelligence, the BEST qualified candidate in foreign policy and the truly ONLY reputable challenger to Barack Obama, former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, has already declined to participate in the debate, and has never been asked to meet Donald Trump in his offices in Manhattan. This makes Huntsman even more legitimate a candidate than ever, that he refuses to participate in what many consider to be a “political circus”!

The debate will certainly be enjoyable for political junkies, and particularly, it will be interesting to see how Mitt Romney handles himself with Trump.

It seems clear that the two major egotists, the two major “windbags”, the two major pompous braggarts, the two major self promoters–Trump and Newt Gingrich–should have a very interesting interaction, which is likely to cause raised eyebrows and tons of laughter at the concept of just how obnoxious can two “loose cannons” become? The question is whether the two men can sit in the same room and not feel threatened by the other!

So the major political event of all since the debate season began is going to entertain us during the holiday season! Enjoy and have a good time laughing and rolling one’s eyes!

Newsmax, John Perry, And A Military Coup Against President Obama?

Newsmax, a conservative publication, first published yesterday an article by John Perry, a right wing journalist, predicting a military coup against President Obama, and then quickly withdrew it.

In the article, Perry calls for a military takeover in which Obama would be kept as a ceremonial leader, but the “Marxist” tendencies of the President would be overcome, and the nation would be protected by a military sworn to defend the nation and save the country from a President seen as out of control and dangerous to the future of the nation, possibly destroying it as we know it before the next election in 2012.

This is just further proof of how the far right has gone amuck and endangers the nation and its elected President. Again, we are reaching a stage of “clear and present danger”, and the kind of hate and hysteria being promoted cannot be allowed to continue without a strong reaction by the Secret Service and the FBI.

Instead of the so called danger of a “Marxist” takeover, we are much more endangered by a truly Fascist seizure of power, more so than at any time in my lifetime, and it is truly terrifying!