Oh No! Is This For Real? Lou Dobbs For President?

On top of Glenn Beck exploring organizing for political action in 2010 and 2012, interpreted by many as considering running for President himself, now we have a much more bold move by Lou Dobbs, late of CNN!

Dobbs told two talk show hosts, including former Senator Fred Thompson of Tennessee, himself a presidential possibility in 2008, that he is considering a Presidential candidacy!

Imagine this: Now two talk show hosts, both extremely divisive and confrontational in tone, are flirting with a Presidential campaign! Have we gone totally bonkers when talk shows hosts who have no desire but to feed their own ego, and who have less government experience than Sarah Palin, are moving toward involvement in the next Presidential election?

Can one imagine Lou Dobbs making illegal immigration the center of his campaign, and Glenn Beck exploiting the insecurities of his listeners, competing for votes? They would have to attack each other, as well as promote demagoguery on a massive scale.

Is this what America has come to, that it leans on ideological talk show hosts who are out to enrich themselves, as serious presidential possibilities? This potential will make the election campaign of 2012 even more weird than having Sarah Palin considering a run. It is absolutely amazing what the “land of opportunity” that is the United States has become!