Martha Coakley

Short Term Weakening Of Potential Democratic Presidential Nominees

The midterm elections of 2014 have had the effect of creating a short term weakening of many potential Democratic Presidential nominees.

Hillary Clinton was involved in a lot of campaigning for fellow Democrats, who mostly lost their Senate and Gubernatorial races.

Joe Biden also was hurt, simply by association with President Obama, as the loss of the Senate was a blow to the administration and the Vice President.

But other potential Democratic nominees also suffered from the midterm elections.

Virginia Senator Mark Warner, considered a moderate alternative to most other potential Democratic candidates, struggled to win a close victory over Ed Gillespie, when polls indicated he would have an easy ride to reelection, so this might have affected any plans he had to run for President.

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, also considering a Presidential bid, was hurt by the surprise defeat of his Lieutenant Governor, Anthony Brown for the Governorship. losing to Larry Hogan, the Republican nominee in a very “blue” state. Maryland has had only two previous GOP Governors in the past 50 years, Spiro Agnew and Bob Ehrlich.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, also flirting with running for President, was not helped by a surprising Republican victory in the Gubernatorial race, with Charlie Baker defeating State Attorney General Martha Coakley, who also lost the 2010 Senate race to Scott Brown, who succeeded Ted Kennedy. Massachusetts has been strange in the reality that it has elected a number of Republican Governors, while the Democrats dominate the state legislature, and House and Senate races, with the brief exception of Scott Brown for three years.

It is likely that these temporary blows, to five leading potential nominees on the Democratic side, will have no long lasting effect, with the Democrats still having an overwhelming edge in the Electoral College for the 2016 Presidential election.

The End Of The Political Careers Of Several Politicians

Tuesday’s Midterm Elections ended the careers of several well known politicians.

Charlie Crist now has the distinction of losing a Senate race as a Republican in 1998 to Senator Bob Graham; losing a Senate race as an Independent in 2010 to Senator Marco Rubio; and losing a gubernatorial race as a Democrat to Governor Rick Scott!

Scott Brown now has the distinction of losing two Senate races two years apart, both times to women, in two neighboring states in New England–to Senator Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts in 2012 and to Senator Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire in 2014. He also won the remainder of the Senate term of Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts early in 2010 over another woman, Attorney General Martha Coakley, who now also has lost the gubernatorial race in Massachusetts on Tuesday to Republican candidate Charlie Baker in a very “blue” state. As far as anyone is aware, Brown is the only candidate to run against three women for a Senate seat, winning once, and losing twice.

While no one can say for sure that one defeat ends a political career, the fact that Michelle Nunn, the daughter of former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn lost a race for a Senate seat; and that Jason Carter, the grandson of former President Jimmy Carter, lost the gubernatorial race in the same state, which is grandfather had won 44 years ago on his road to the White House, likely ends their careers.

The same goes for Senator Mark Udall in Colorado, son of former Congressman and Presidential seeker Morris Udall of Arizona; and for Senator Mark Pryor, son of former Senator David Pryor in Arkansas; and the odds seem against Senator Mark Begich of Alaska, whose father, Nick Begich, was Congressman from that state; and for Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, whose dad and brother were Mayors of New Orleans, although those two races are not settled as of this writing, and Landrieu faces a runoff against a heavily favored Republican rival.

Such is politics, in office one day, and out the next, and the bigger losers are their staff members!

Senate Races Tight, But Two Democratic Women Senators Could Be Key To Keeping Democratic Party Majority In Upper Chamber!

It is clear that the battle for the US Senate is a real combat zone, but two Democratic women Senators, one in New England, and one in the upper South, could be the key to keeping the Democratic Party majority in the upper chamber!

In New Hampshire, we have Senator Jeanne Shaheen, who has been the first woman to serve as Governor for two terms, followed by one term in the US Senate. She has a solid record, and New Hampshire, as the only state to have both Senators being female, along with the Governor, and both Congressional seats, and all Democrats, except for Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte, bodes well for Shaheen.

Her opponent is former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, who took over Ted Kennedy’s seat, and then lost it to Elizabeth Warren in 2012. Brown had defeated Attorney General Martha Coakley, and he now has the distinction of being the only person to run for the Senate three times, and have women as his opponents each time!

Brown is seen as making the election close, but it seems highly unlikely that as a Massachusetts resident who only has a vacation home in New Hampshire, and is therefore seen as a “carpetbagger”, will be able to convince voters to kick out a popular leader who has been in the top government offices of Governor and Senator for a total now of 14 years. And it has been made clear that despite his assertion that he is a “bipartisan” Senator, ultimately he will support the Republican agenda, and undermine the last two years of Barack Obama’s Presidency. Also, it is rumored that he wants to use the Senate seat to run for President in 2016, while Shaheen has shown her total loyalty to her state!

The other seat which seems likely to remain Democratic is North Carolina, where Senator Kay Hagan faces a tough contest against North Carolina Republican House Speaker Thom Tillis, who is extremely right wing in his record, and has set North Carolina backward in health care and education with the assistance of Governor Pat McCrory, who turned much more right wing than he indicated when he ran for and won the Governorship two years ago!

Kay Hagan is ahead in most polls, and it seems a good bet that she, and Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire, will keep these Senate seats “blue”, and help to keep the Democrats in control of the US Senate in 2015-2016!

New Hampshire: Jeanne Shaheen Vs. Scott Brown Senate Race

The New Hampshire Senate race is between incumbent Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen, formerly Governor of the state, and former Republican Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, who won the seat of Ted Kennedy, and then proceeded to lose it to Elizabeth Warren, and now is a “carpetbagger”, who has owned a home in New Hampshire, and is trying to do what only two others in the distant past have been able to do–win a seat in the Senate from two different states.

Scott Brown has been compared by some, who are delusional, to Robert F. Kennedy and Hillary Clinton, both outsiders who won Senate seats in New York, but his record comes nowhere near what they had, and neither had ever been a Senator, and then lost the seat, and moved to another state to try to regain a seat in the Senate.

The fact that Scott Brown is campaigning on destroying ObamaCare is a strategy that will cause him to lose the race to Shaheen, who is very popular, and very effective in the US Senate.

Brown will have the record of always having a woman opponent for the Senate, first beating Martha Coakley, Massachusetts Attorney General in 2010; then losing to Elizabeth Warren in 2012; and now about to lose to Jeanne Shaheen in 2014!

Scott Brown: “Carpetbagger” And Multi State Senator?

Scott Brown served almost three years in the US Senate from Massachusetts, winning a special election to replace Ted Kennedy by defeating Attorney General Martha Coakley early in 2010. Then, he lost the full Senate term to Elizabeth Warren in 2012.

Now, Scott Brown wants to come back to the Senate in 2015, but from New Hampshire, as he turned down the chance to run for the vacant Senate seat given up by John Kerry when he became Secretary of State in 2013.

So Scott Brown hopes to do what has not been done since the 1870s and only twice ever, to serve in the Senate from more than one state, with the record being set by James Shields, who served Illinois from 1849-1855, Minnesota in 1858, and Missouri in 1879. One other earlier Senator, unclear who it is at this moment, also served two states.

So for 135 years this has never happened, and very few “carpetbagger” Senators have served since the Reconstruction Era 150 years ago.

The only major examples are New York’s two “outsiders,” often called “carpetbaggers,” but elected despite not really being New Yorkers–Robert F. Kennedy (1965-1968), and Hillary Clinton (2001-2009).

The only modern example of a Senator trying to be elected from a second state was New York Senator James Buckley (1971-1977) , who tried and failed to be elected as a “carpetbagger” from Connecticut in 1980.

So Scott Brown is fighting history and tradition, and except for New York, the willingness to elect an “outsider” to the Senate, although Brown has had a second home in New Hampshire for many years, while always being in office in the state legislature of Massachusetts, and identifying himself as a Massachusetts resident.

His New Hampshire opponent, Senator and former Governor Jeanne Shaheen, will be a tough opponent, and she is highly favored to win, in a state where the two Senators, two House members, and the Governor, are all women, and all Democrats, except for Senator Kelly Ayotte.

It is ironic that in each race Brown has entered for the US Senate, that his opponent has been a woman—Martha Coakley, Elizabeth Warren, and now Jeanne Shaheen.

Don’t put any betting money on Scott Brown making history in 2014 in New Hampshire!

John Kerry’s Senate Seat: Democrats Cannot Afford To Lose Seat, As Occurred With Ted Kennedy’s Senate Seat In 2010!

When Senator Ted Kennedy died in 2009, it was assumed that the Democrats would hold his seat in the special election set up in early 2010, but instead Martha Coakley lost to Scott Brown, who held the seat for three years, until Elizabeth Warren defeated him in the next regular election in 2012.

Now we are faced with the same circumstance, as the special election for John Kerry’s Senate seat will be held in two weeks, and Democratic Congressman Ed Markey is competing against Republican Gabriel Gomez, and indications are that the race is close!

Markey has been an outstanding Congressman for an amazing number of years, 36, ever since 1976. If he wins, with his outstanding liberal record on issues, he would be an exceptional replacement for John Kerry, just as Elizabeth Warren is for Ted Kennedy. He likely is the longest serving Congressman to attempt a change to the US Senate, and one of the older freshman Senators in history, if he wins, at age 66!

We cannot afford to have a Republican take away a seat that the Democrats have always been able to count on, particularly with tight races coming up in the midterm elections of 2014! Markey deserves all support he can gather, financially, and with volunteer work, to hold on to a seat that represents the most Democratic state in the nation in recent years!

The Message Of The Scott Brown Senate Victory In Massachusetts

The solid victory of Scott Brown for the Senate seat held for more than half a century by the Kennedy family is a major blow to the Democratic party and President Barack Obama.

Several thoughts come to mind immediately after the announcement of the Brown victory.

For one, a politician needs to work vigorously to gain public support. When Martha Coakley went on vacation after winning the Democratic primary, she left the message that she was unwilling to put the maximum effort into the campaign, and was assuming entitlement to the Senate seat, which obviously enraged many Massachusetts citizens.

Secondly, the message is really what it was when Bill Clinton ran against George H. W. Bush in 1992–“It’s the economy, stupid!” The Democrats MUST bring about a massive economic program to create millions of jobs sooner, rather than later, or else they will lose control of the House of Representatives in 2010, and see the Senate majority, now 59, dwindle dramatically!

Third, the goal of a massive health care plan must face reality, and what is likely to happen now is accomplishment of aspects of the plan that can be agreed upon, such as protecting people who have preexisting conditions from being denied coverage, raising the age for young people to be still covered under their parents’ health care plans, and attempting to initiate health insurance exchanges to promote competition.

Fourth, the Democrats must face the fact that as the incumbent party now, they face the wrath of voters who are impatient at the slow pace of improvement of the economy and angry at the assistance given to banks, auto companies, insurance companies, and Wall Street, instead of large scale emphasis on saving people’s homes from mortgage foreclosures. In other words, a populist rebellion has emerged, and if the Democrats do not tune in to it, the Republicans may be the beneficiaries of this anger and rebellion.

Fifth, it seems obvious that despite President Obama’s personal popularity remaining high, that his attempt to bring about major environmental and energy reforms, as well as immigration reforms, and many social initiatives including gay rights, will have to be at the least delayed for now, subject to the election results this fall and in the presidential election of 2012.

Finally, it guarantees a very busy, fascinating election year of 2010, as the Democrats attempt to keep most of their seats, and the GOP dreams of another 1994. It is too early, however, to say that one race is a projection of the nation at large.

What it ultimately comes down to is that Scott Brown ran an excellent race, a model for what all politicians have to do to expect to gain the people’s vote. So anyone in politics who thinks he or she will sail into office, take warning: It is not going to happen!

The Irony Of The Upcoming Anniversary Of Barack Obama’s Inauguration

It is extremely ironic that as we arrive on Wednesday at the first anniversary of Barack Obama’s inauguration as President, that we face the strong possibility of the loss of Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat to a Republican tomorrow evening!

Martha Coakley, the Massachusetts Attorney General, well liked in her state and seen as a solid figure in her state government role, faces the strong likelihood that, because of an extremely lackluster campaign by her, and a very vigorous, active campaign by Scott Brown, the state senator who is her Republican opponent, that the GOP will win that race and be able to halt health care reform in its tracks by having 41 Republicans senators, all committed to a filibuster of any legislation on the subject.

It would be a great tragedy if that happened, and it is hoped that enough Democrats and independents will show their commitment to Barack Obama, who still has a 60 percent popular support level in the most recent Massachusetts polls, and vote for Martha Coakley, who is likely to be an outstanding Senator if only she can get past her lackluster campaign, and go to the Senate to continue Ted Kennedy’s work!

This is one case where we must have our fingers crossed and wait with baited breath for the momentous results tomorrow evening!

Essential For Ted Kennedy Senate Seat To Remain Democratic!

There is alarm in Democratic circles in Massachusetts as it seems clear that Martha Coakley, the Attorney General and candidate for Ted Kennedy’s seat, is facing a tough race against Republican Scott Brown, who has made clear that he will vote against health care reform, an act which could effectively end the chances of the legislation that Ted Kennedy fought for over so many years!

To top it off, there is an independent “Tea Party” candidate named Joe Kennedy! Of course, the founder of the Kennedy dynasty was Joseph P. Kennedy, and Robert Kennedy’s oldest son was Joe Kennedy, Jr, a Congressman for a dozen years in the 1980s and 1990s! But this Kennedy is not part of that family and has a desire to confuse voters and elect Scott Brown.

It is hoped the voters of Massachusetts on January 19 will honor the memory of Ted Kennedy and elect Martha Coakley as his successor!