New Hampshire: Jeanne Shaheen Vs. Scott Brown Senate Race

The New Hampshire Senate race is between incumbent Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen, formerly Governor of the state, and former Republican Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, who won the seat of Ted Kennedy, and then proceeded to lose it to Elizabeth Warren, and now is a “carpetbagger”, who has owned a home in New Hampshire, and is trying to do what only two others in the distant past have been able to do–win a seat in the Senate from two different states.

Scott Brown has been compared by some, who are delusional, to Robert F. Kennedy and Hillary Clinton, both outsiders who won Senate seats in New York, but his record comes nowhere near what they had, and neither had ever been a Senator, and then lost the seat, and moved to another state to try to regain a seat in the Senate.

The fact that Scott Brown is campaigning on destroying ObamaCare is a strategy that will cause him to lose the race to Shaheen, who is very popular, and very effective in the US Senate.

Brown will have the record of always having a woman opponent for the Senate, first beating Martha Coakley, Massachusetts Attorney General in 2010; then losing to Elizabeth Warren in 2012; and now about to lose to Jeanne Shaheen in 2014!

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