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Away For Next Two Weeks On Vacation, On Baseball Stadium Tour!

To all my readers and followers:

I will not be online or contributing any posts on public affairs for the next two weeks, as I am going on vacation with my older son, on a baseball stadium tour, including Washington DC, and the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois, both National League and American League Major League Baseball games at 8 stadiums!

I realize a lot of news will occur, but everyone needs a break, so I look forward to resumption of commentary at the end of June!

Everyone who reads and follows me, including those who are on vacation, have a great time away from “reality”, which all of us need in this “crazy” world!

Corporations And The Republican Party: Double Standard On Freedom Of Speech

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party in Congress and the states loves getting financial support from corporations, and loves that the Supreme Court in 2013 said corporations are people in Shelby County V Holder, which did great harm to the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

But now, when corporations, including Major League Baseball and Delta Airlines and Coca Cola take a stand against Georgia putting barriers in the way of the right to vote, because the Republicans lost Georgia in the Presidential Election of 2020 and both Georgia Senate Seats, Republicans no longer believe in freedom of speech for corporations, and want to punish corporations that support voting rights.

So the Republican Party has a double standard on freedom of speech, and exude hypocrisy, so what else is new in Republican Party politics?

Gay Athletes In Professional Sports: Time To Demand Appropriate Respect!

Professional sports are businesses, and it is time for all of the teams and the commissioners of Major League Baseball, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, and the National Hockey League to demand appropriate respect for any gay athletes, in the “closet” but wanting to come out, as well as Michael Sam and Jason Collins, the first gay athletes to come out while still playing their sport!

Under no circumstances should any player on any team, or any manager or coach, or any front office personnel, or any team owner be permitted openly to harass, intimidate, discriminate or mistreat in any way any athlete because of his sexual orientation, whether perceived or real!

The answer should be that if one wishes to have the honor of playing, managing, or working in professional sports, he or she must overcome their public prejudices and do what workers do all the time at work, do their job and shut their mouths, and keep any prejudices or biases they have in their heads, but not expressed or acted upon.

No player, no matter how great he is, is entitled to mistreat or do any other type of harm to teammates or opponents because of their own religious or other beliefs which create tension in the locker rooms or on the field or in any public social situation!

if one cannot control his or her behavior, then he or she should face expulsion from the sport, and it should be part of every work contract, as no matter how talented, such a open bigot should understand that he or she cannot abuse his known talent to be ugly or reprehensible in his or her conduct.

Just as players and managers and front office personnel have had to overcome racial and ethnic prejudices, so should be the same for sexual orientation, meaning behave or else you are gone!

Message To Homophobes, Racists, Sexists, Nativists: This Is NOT The 1950s, It Is The 21st Century, So Get Used To It!

We have come a long way as a society since the 1950s, the height of the Baby Boom generation!

But we see that it is many Baby Boomers, mostly white and supposedly ‘Devout” Christians, who are unable to accept that society has changed, and that it is time for them to adapt!

Yes, gay and lesbian Americans have gained their rights, including marriage, in many states, and by federal law announced by Attorney General Eric Holder over the weekend. And yes, now we have an openly gay football prospect, Michael Sam, and we have people in all walks of life in the public sphere coming out as gay. The answer is “so what?” It is no longer acceptable to be advocating homophobia in the name of God, as it has always been in the past, but conveniently forgotten, on the issue of racism and sexism and nativism, which the history of religion in America has been trying to push under the rug, so that we are not aware of the long discrimination against other groups, and including anti Semitism as well, along with the advocacy of slaughtering native Americans!

It is time for professional football to make it clear to its employees that it will no longer tolerate an atmosphere of homophobia in its locker rooms, and if so, then such players, no matter how prominent or outstanding they are on the football field, shall be kicked off the team, and no other team should employ such a bigot!

And the same goes for other organized sports, including baseball, hockey, and basketball! Behave and be tolerant, or else you are not welcome to play professional sports!

It is time to make it clear that homophobia, racism, sexism, and nativism will no longer be tolerated in American society, and that religious bigots, when revealed, shall be fought tooth and nail until it is eliminated!

This is not the 1950s, but instead it is the 21st century, so get used to it!

Bill Clinton Hits A Grand Slam At The Democratic National Convention!

Coming off two nights where the Washington Nationals managed to hit six home runs for two games in a row, something that has only been done twice before in major league baseball history, another “former” resident of Washington, DC, former President Bill Clinton, looked as if he was part of the Washington Nationals lineup last night at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina!

In baseball lingo, we could say that Bill Clinton hit a grand slam home run, as he defended the Barack Obama performance in office; linked his own time in office with that of his Democratic successor; showed the hypocrisy of Paul Ryan on policy and was laudatory toward Vice President Joe Biden’s contribution to the Obama Presidency; and destroyed the idea of Mitt Romney that the answer is to go back to the failed policies of the Bush Administration which got this nation in the economic mess it is in, which Clinton said no President in the past could have rectified completely in just four years!

Clinton, a masterful and charismatic orator, excited the convention, adding to the drama of this gathering, in a way that was very special and unique. The dynamism and electricity of the thousands of delegates and guests could be felt in every home that tuned in to the dramatic 45 minute address, much of it ad lib, by a man who has had his ups and downs historically, but is now riding a wave of popularity in the mid 60s in public opinion polls.

If Bill Clinton could convince white working class males to think of their future, instead of the appeal to their prejudices by the Republican Party, then he will have vindicated his goal of moving his party and the nation toward a continuation of the Obama Administration, which has much to be proud of, and has, indeed, made America a better nation than it was four years ago.

So Bill Clinton reminded us, that despite much work left to do, we are “better off” than we were four years ago, an old refrain used by Ronald Reagan, who attacked Jimmy Carter in 1980, on the basis that we were NOT better off, and managed to convince the country to elect him, not realizing that Reagan would pursue economic policies that would start the decline of the American economy and help to cause the massive government debt, mostly occurring under Republican Presidents Reagan and the two Bushes.

Only Clinton was able to balance the budget several times, slowing up the debt’s growth, and actually leaving a surplus for George W. Bush, which was then squandered by two wars in Iraq and Afghaniatan, a Medicare prescription drug plan unpaid for by taxes, and a policy of deregulation of Wall Street which led to the Great Recession of 2008, all thrown into the lap of Barack Obama in 2009, creating the worst economic times since Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Great Depression in the 1930s!

64th Anniversary Of Jackie Robinson Breaking Major League Baseball Color Barrier: The Battle For Civil Rights For All Americans Goes On!

Today, in the year 1947, Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball with the Brooklyn Dodgers, and started all major league sports toward full integration!

Sixty four years later, the battle for civil rights goes on! There is still discrimination, much of it hidden, against African Americans.

But also, we have widespread discrimination against Hispanics and Latinos, as well as against Muslims, and gay Americans! And there are still remnants of prejudice against Jews and Catholics as well!

Native Americans, Asian Americans and women also still face prejudice and denial of equal opportunity!

So as we celebrate Jackie Robinson on this anniversary, which revolutionized major league baseball, remember that the battle for civil rights endures in a nation where too many people still have no problem with racial, ethnic, gender, religious or sexual orientation discrimination!

Major League Baseball And The 2011 All Star Game In Arizona: Move It!

Thirty percent of major league baseball players are of Hispanic or Latino ethnicity, and with many of the other players being African American, it is time for major league baseball commissioner Bud Selig to listen to the growing demands that the 2011 Baseball All Star Game be moved from Phoenix, in protest of the discriminatory, racist, illegal immigration law signed into law a few weeks ago in the Grand Canyon State!

It is time for the players union also to announce that should Selig refuse to do the right thing, that all of the baseball players will boycott the game, forcing his hand!

This weekend, in Cincinnati, the second Civil Rights game is being held, with the St. Louis Cardinals playing the Cincinnati Reds, in celebration of diversity and recognition of the long struggle for equality in this country! The players will wear uniforms reminiscent of what was the attire in 1947, when Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball. Just down the street from the stadium is the National Underground Railroad Museum and Freedom Center, which honors the struggle against slavery in the 19th century.

This is the right time and situation for Bud Selig and Major League Baseball to refuse to endorse racial and ethnic discrimination and prejudice, and punish Arizona for its outrageous violation of civil liberties and civil rights!

Economic Boycott Of Arizona Justified! Human Rights Cannot Be Denied!

AN economic boycott of Arizona by cities, businesses, and individuals is justified to protest the outrageous, discriminatory law on illegal immigration that is scheduled to go into effect in three months!

Boycotts have worked in the past in the fight against segregation, and in the struggle for labor rights. It is essential that those who want Hispanics and Latinos, whether legal or illegal, to be treated with the same dignity that all Americans have a right to expect from their government, take part in this boycott. This means individuals who planned to vacation in Arizona need to cancel their plans in protest over what Arizona’s state government is perpetrating!

In the past, Arizona lost the Super Bowl because of refusal at the time to acknowledge a Martin Luther King holiday. Therefore, it is now appropriate for Major League Baseball to move the 2011 All Star Game, scheduled in Phoenix, elsewhere, particularly with about 30 percent of baseball players coming from Latin American heritage!

It may be true that illegal immigration is a major problem that needs to be addressed by the national government, but we must not see 12 million people as criminals and drug dealers! Small percentages of people coming from Latin America are involved in criminal activities, and that we must crack down upon with vigor! But there is no way to deport those who obey the law now, pay their taxes, work very hard, and just want the opportunity for the American dream! Tolerance and acceptance are the only answer, but with strict requirements that recognize these people can contribute to our society’s future after meeting their responsibilities and moving toward citizenship!

Even if, as shown in a new poll, a majority of Americans support the Arizona law, it cannot be accepted as legitimate, as it does not mean that what is popular is always right! Over the years, there were certainly many Americans who had no problem with racial segregation, but that was still not right and appropriate. Basic human rights are not based on popularity, but on ethics and morality! This is a question of civil rights, and racial profiling is unacceptable!