Gay Athletes

Gay Athletes In Professional Sports: Time To Demand Appropriate Respect!

Professional sports are businesses, and it is time for all of the teams and the commissioners of Major League Baseball, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, and the National Hockey League to demand appropriate respect for any gay athletes, in the “closet” but wanting to come out, as well as Michael Sam and Jason Collins, the first gay athletes to come out while still playing their sport!

Under no circumstances should any player on any team, or any manager or coach, or any front office personnel, or any team owner be permitted openly to harass, intimidate, discriminate or mistreat in any way any athlete because of his sexual orientation, whether perceived or real!

The answer should be that if one wishes to have the honor of playing, managing, or working in professional sports, he or she must overcome their public prejudices and do what workers do all the time at work, do their job and shut their mouths, and keep any prejudices or biases they have in their heads, but not expressed or acted upon.

No player, no matter how great he is, is entitled to mistreat or do any other type of harm to teammates or opponents because of their own religious or other beliefs which create tension in the locker rooms or on the field or in any public social situation!

if one cannot control his or her behavior, then he or she should face expulsion from the sport, and it should be part of every work contract, as no matter how talented, such a open bigot should understand that he or she cannot abuse his known talent to be ugly or reprehensible in his or her conduct.

Just as players and managers and front office personnel have had to overcome racial and ethnic prejudices, so should be the same for sexual orientation, meaning behave or else you are gone!

Proper Move For Obama, Mrs. Obama, And Biden To Boycott Sochi Winter Olympics!

It is the proper moral and strategic move for President Obama, Michelle Obama, and Vice President Joe Biden to boycott personal attendance at the Sochi, Russia Winter Olympics in February.

The move of the Russian authorities to deny basic rights to their gay population is an outrage which endangers gays individually and in families, and it is the new civil rights movement, and the United Stares rightfully must do everything required to take the proper stand on this violation of human rights.

The abuse of gays and lesbians goes on in many nations, but America must not sit on the sidelines, as it did for a long time on the issue of race, and as it did on the issue of anti semitism, which led to the Holocaust of World War II.

Just as we must speak up on the rights of women, labor, the elderly, children, and the poor, we must not allow any government or religion to think they can win the day as we ignore their violations of basic human rights.

If we only had the ability to decide not to compete in the Olympics as a protest, but Obama has decided that it would penalize athletes, both straight and gay, if we did what Jimmy Carter did regarding the Moscow Olympics in 1980, which was boycotted by the US over the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

So instead, the official delegation to the Sochi Olympics will include well known gay athletes as the response to the abuses of human rights by Vladamir Putin. And if it worsens the relationship between Russia and the United States, so be it, as Russia is backing the mass slaughter in Syria, another outrage that we must oppose vehemently and with vigor!

Let us hope that gay athletes win a lot of the medals at the Sochi Winter Olympics, as that would be the ultimate triumph!