Asians Most Rapidly Increasing Ethnic Group In America, Transforming American Society!

The final US Census Bureau figures show the fastest growing ethnic group in America are people of Asian ancestry, transforming American society.

That population grew by more than one third since 2010, the final figure being 35.5 percent!

This includes mainland Asia, the Pacific Islands, and Hawaii.

20 million people identify as Asians, and another 4 million identify as Asian mixed with another racial group. And a half percent identify as Pacific Islander or Hawaiian, or in combination with another racial group.

So 7.2 percent of the total American population now is in this category.

The most prominent Asian groups in numbers are as follows: India, China, the Philippines, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Native Hawaiian, Guam, and Samoa.

The Pure Ignorance And Stupidity Of Donald Trump Is Beyond Belief!

Donald Trump is supposed to be an intelligent man, but if one listens to much of what he says, one can come to the conclusion that he is extremely ignorant and stupid.

He claims to be smarter than everyone, and that his best advisor is who he looks at in the mirror.

So he tells us that climate change and global warming is a hoax.

He informs us that Korea was part of China.

He tells us that his First Hundred Days are the most accomplished of any President, forgetting Franklin D. Roosevelt.

He talks about Frederick Douglass as if he was still alive, although he died in 1895.

He informs us that ISIL (ISIS) is due to Barack Obama, although it is actually due to the Iraq War initiated by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

He claims that the unemployment rate and jobs report under him is fantastic, while repudiating similar figures in the last months in office of Barack Obama as fake statistics.

He says that Barack Obama left a mess, even though Obama created more jobs in his Presidency than any President, and left us with a tripling of the stock market and halved the unemployment rate when he came in, having inherited the worst economic conditions since Herbert Hoover and the Great Depression.

He lies about inauguration crowds, and the numbers at the New England Patriots White House event.

The man is a perpetual liar and deceiver of the facts, and yet has millions of clueless people still honoring him.

It is in many ways as if America elected a totally inept, unstable, ill informed leader, and yet not an issue to millions of gullible Americans, which says legions about them, and is a sign of the massive problems we face.

Alternative facts, which means pure right wing propaganda, is rampant, and millions of Americans are totally unaware of the realities of science and history, and simply believe what right wing media tells them.

The War Against Latino And Other Immigrants And Latino American Citizens Begins, Including Crisis With Mexico Over Proposed Wall

The war against Latino immigrants and Latino American citizens has begun, less than one week after Donald Trump took the oath of office.

We will see victimization of people from not only Mexico, but also Central America, South America, Caribbean Islands, and also from the Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, India, Pakistan, China, Japan, and other Asian nations, as well as Muslim nations all over the world.

Racism and nativism is in full swing, and the lady on the Statue of Liberty near Ellis Island is weeping, as we have now seen the worst attack on immigration and minorities from Latin America, Asia and the Middle East that we have had in our lifetime, except for those who were alive and remember the terrible victimization of Japanese American citizens and Japanese immigrants 75 years ago after Pearl Harbor, with 120,000 interned in camps.

Not only will the government now seemingly deport more immigrants and break up more families, but one can be sure that there are plans to intern Muslim Americans when and if a few Muslim terrorists strike in America.

Civil liberties, Civil Rights, and liberty and justice are being ignored as the Trump Fascist era begins, and the question is how to bring it to an end as soon as possible, since the possibility of a dictatorship and martial law is not something we can be assured will not happen at this delicate time.

And expect a possible low level war situation at the 2,000 mile long Mexico-US border, with the plan moving ahead to build a wall, and make Mexico pay for it, which the President of Mexico declared would not occur, leading to the cancellation of a meeting at the White House. Tension will certainly rise, and we are in the worst relationship since the 1920s with our neighbor to the south.

We do not need a new foreign policy and national security headache, but Donald Trump is insuring it with his reckless and dangerous decisions.

Asian Americans: The Ultimate Swing Vote In Florida, Virginia, Nevada In the Presidential Election Of 2016, And Influence Nationally!

One group that has not gained much attention in the fury of the Presidential Election campaign of 2016 are Asian Americans, the fastest growing group in America.

With a little more than 5 percent of the population, and rapidly growing in Florida, Virginia, and Nevada, and already substantial in New York, California, Illinois, Maryland, Washington State, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado and other states, Asian Americans are very likely to play a pivotal role in who wins the Presidency.

Asian Americans could also affect Senate and House races, as they are very likely to vote, and the vast majority have tended to vote Democratic in recent years.  The growing numbers of Asian Americans in Central and South Florida, Northern Virginia, and the Las Vegas metropolitan area are likely to insure that those three key swing states should influence the Democratic candidate’s likelihood of winning the Presidency.

Many do not realize how  many different Asian groups are included–including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, as well as those from India, Pakistan and other nations in Asia.  Very accomplished and very dedicated to their civic duty to participate in the electoral battle is a great way to describe Asian Americans.

And the history of Asian Americans is always in the background–particularly the banning of Chinese immigration from 1882-1943, and the mistreatment of Japanese Americans in California early in the 20th century, and the forced internment of 110,000 Japanese Americans in World War II.

Asian Americans know that they must fight against nativism, racism, and religious discrimination, including those of Muslim faith.

So the Republican Party has a major problem in drawing Asian American support, with 73 percent voting for Barack Obama in 2012!

Actor And Director Clint Eastwood: Not Really A Republican In 2012

Actor and director Clint Eastwood made a fool of himself last night with his rambling, weird speech at the Republican National Convention, and it was plain strange that he even was speaking at the convention

Eastwood has voted for Democrats before, and while calling himself a Republican, he does not fit in well with the 2012 GOP.

Why is this so?

Well, Eastwood is pro choice on abortion.

He is pro gay rights and supports same sex marriage.

He believes in global warming and climate change as real.

He was against our involvement in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, and believes America should not be involved in foreign interventions, and avoid being a global policeman.

Is this a Republican in 2012? The answer is NO!

Asian Population Growth More Rapid Than Hispanic Population Growth: US Census Of 2010

The US Census Bureau had released further information regarding the 2010 Census, and it shows that people of Asian heritage have grown even faster in percentage than those of Hispanic or Latino origin.

Asian population growth is nearly 46 percent, while Hispanic and Latino population has increased by 43 percent.

The number of Hispanics and Latinos number about 50.5 million, while the number of Asians is about 17.3 million. The number of African Americans has grown slower, but is at about 39 million.

About 16 percent of the nation is now Hispanic or Latino, while 13 percent is African American, and 6 percent is Asian, making for 35 percent of the nation non white.

The largest Asian groups are in order Chinese, Filipinos, Asian Indian, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese. Small numbers are from Thailand and Pakistan.

Asian is defined as people from the Far East, Southeast Asia, or the Indian subcontinent, but not including those from Southwest Asia or the Middle East.

Regionally, the number of Asians in the Western states was about 46 percent of the total, followed by 22 percent in the South, almost 20 percent in the Northeast, and 12 percent in the Midwest.

What is perfectly clear is that the estimate that the majority of Americans by the mid 2040s will be non white is becoming more likely every year!

So one day, we are likely to have a President or Presidents who are Hispanic or Latino, and also Asian, making the experience with our first African American President, Barack Obama, an excellent “learning curve” for those who imagine that the white population will continue to dominate.

Ladies and Gentlemen, face the facts and face the future, and do not see the future with trepidation, but rather with pride!

The Progressive Professor On Vacation, May 29-June 8! :)

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Until then, happy reading, and hopefully a resolution of the BP oil spill, and avoidance of war in Korea, and no more attempted terrorist attacks on the homeland! Is that asking too much? 🙂