The War Against Latino And Other Immigrants And Latino American Citizens Begins, Including Crisis With Mexico Over Proposed Wall

The war against Latino immigrants and Latino American citizens has begun, less than one week after Donald Trump took the oath of office.

We will see victimization of people from not only Mexico, but also Central America, South America, Caribbean Islands, and also from the Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, India, Pakistan, China, Japan, and other Asian nations, as well as Muslim nations all over the world.

Racism and nativism is in full swing, and the lady on the Statue of Liberty near Ellis Island is weeping, as we have now seen the worst attack on immigration and minorities from Latin America, Asia and the Middle East that we have had in our lifetime, except for those who were alive and remember the terrible victimization of Japanese American citizens and Japanese immigrants 75 years ago after Pearl Harbor, with 120,000 interned in camps.

Not only will the government now seemingly deport more immigrants and break up more families, but one can be sure that there are plans to intern Muslim Americans when and if a few Muslim terrorists strike in America.

Civil liberties, Civil Rights, and liberty and justice are being ignored as the Trump Fascist era begins, and the question is how to bring it to an end as soon as possible, since the possibility of a dictatorship and martial law is not something we can be assured will not happen at this delicate time.

And expect a possible low level war situation at the 2,000 mile long Mexico-US border, with the plan moving ahead to build a wall, and make Mexico pay for it, which the President of Mexico declared would not occur, leading to the cancellation of a meeting at the White House. Tension will certainly rise, and we are in the worst relationship since the 1920s with our neighbor to the south.

We do not need a new foreign policy and national security headache, but Donald Trump is insuring it with his reckless and dangerous decisions.

Finally, An Important Change On Deportation Of Illegal Immigrants!

Three months ago, this author wrote of the need for President Obama to stop the mass deportations of illegal immigrants and their children, and work to gain the passage of the DREAM Act, allowing young immigrants to go into the military or attend college, and work toward a path to citizenship.

The point was that the emphasis on deportation of illegal immigrants should be on those who are involved in illegal, criminal activities that undermine the nation, while the vast majority are going about their business, and should not be targeted for deportation.

Finally, the Obama Administration has determined to do what was promoted by many groups and this author, and therefore, this is a time for celebration, as many of these illegal immigrants are contributing daily to this nation, and their youths wish to become American citizens and be assets to this country in a positive way for the long term future!

Obama has promoted more deportations than George W. Bush, angering progressives, but he finally has gotten the message, and it is therefore to be applauded as a major step!

So the Department of Homeland Security will focus on high priority cases, and limit action against children, military families, individuals brought to this nation at a young age, same sex couples, amd sole bread winners. Security risks or criminal elements are the only illegal, undocumented immigrants who should be expelled from the country!

And police officers should not be given the responsibility to deal with illegal immigrants, as that is a federal matter, not a state and local issue, despite what Arizona has attempted to do, now being challenged in the federal courts!