Homeland Security

74 Years Since Pearl Harbor And New Challenge To The Homeland!

On this day in 1941, 74 years ago, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, sending America into World War II.

The number of veterans still alive today after 74 years is dwindling rapidly, just as we face, arguably, the greatest challenge to homeland security since then.

The question is, after the San Benardino Massacre of last week, caused by two Muslim terrorists living in California, what is the appropriate action to take, since the growing threat of Islamic terrorism has no real state boundaries, and there is no way to declare a world wide war against more than a billion Muslims, when the number of those supportive of or engaged in terrorism is miniscule, as compared to the number of Muslims in America and in the world at large.

One thing that cannot be allowed to occur is the mass of Muslims in America and overseas to be seen as the enemy, as that would lead to perpetual war and bloodshed without end, and to deny basic civil liberties to them!

Also, we cannot allow all Muslims and Arabs, and anyone who resembles them in appearance, to be singled out for violence, legal restrictions, and even internment in prison camps, as occurred to the Japanese American population in America from February 1942 to late 1945.

Fear and hysteria are being promoted by many Republicans, including many of their Presidential candidates, and that must be combated, as it is not a solution to victimize the vast numbers who have nothing to do with terrorism or violence!

The Progressive Professor On Vacation, May 29-June 8! :)

The author will be on vacation from May 29 to June 8, so there will be no commentary for the next eleven days!

Upon my return from Seattle, and an Alaska cruise, I will catch up on important events and controversies!

Until then, happy reading, and hopefully a resolution of the BP oil spill, and avoidance of war in Korea, and no more attempted terrorist attacks on the homeland! Is that asking too much? 🙂

The True Message Of The Eighth Anniversary of September 11

It is hard to believe that it has been eight years since the shocking events of September 11, 2001. It was the most transforming and tragic day in American history since the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, and it has had many implications, not all good ones.

September 11 made us realize that we had been lax about our security and very cocky that we would always be safe. In that sense, the events of that day woke us up, and we have been fortunate enough, with the assistance of security specialists in our government at all levels, to prevent another attack. That alone is something to applaud and be thankful for.

But September 11 has also led to abuse of presidential power under the Bush-Cheney administration; the violation of the Bill of Rights, often unjustified; the growing danger of nativism, racism, and racial profiling; the demagogery practiced by many Republican politicians and a smaller number of Democrats; the growing irresponsibility of talk show hosts on radio; and just generally the growing social division of this country which only inspires the evil terrorists who set out to destroy this country.

If we are not careful, the terrorists will ultimately win by being successful in pitting Americans against Americans and destroying our democracy.

The nation must be dedicated to promoting a stronger homeland security, but also promoting a sense of togetherness and unity, bringing us to a state of strengthening our freedoms and civil liberties, because without them, we have lost the struggle against evil. We don’t wish to emulate the terrorists and enemies we have, but to stand out as a shining example of a truly democratic nation!

Tom Ridge, Homeland Security, And Politics In The 2004 Presidential Election

Former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge, who was our first Homeland Security Secretary under President Bush, has revealed that politics played a role in raising the threat level in the 2004 Presidential campaign of President Bush.

Ridge saw no need to raise the threat level shortly before the 2004 Presidential campaign, but was challenged by Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, and John Ashcroft, Attorney General at the time.  There was a heated discussion, and it convinced Ridge to leave the government after the election.  The threat level was not raised then, but it had been a few days after John Kerry’s nomination for President.

There were many observers at the time who believed the threat level issue was used for political gain, and now it has been proved.

This is another example of the corruption and political manipulation utilized by the Bush administration on a regular basis, despite many denials. It is all fits the image of the Bush presidency as one of deception and lies on a massive scale.