Bush Administration

2000-2009: A Horrible Decade In So Many Ways!

Time Magazine calls the decade from 2000-2009 the “Decade From Hell”!

In so many ways, it was just that! Notice that it coincides with the eight years of the Bush Administration after the contested election of 2000 between George W. Bush and Al Gore.

An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows the American people have a very negative view of the decade now ending. Fifty eight percent saw the decade as negative, with only twelve percent perceiving it positively, and 29 percent seeing it as “fair”, which is seen as basically neutral.

The major negative developments in percentage were the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the mortgage and housing crisis, the Iraq war, stock market crash, and Hurricane Katrina. All five of these can be attributed to blunders of the Bush Administration.

The positive developments of the decade, according to the poll, were in science and technology and race relations.

But the negative developments included by percentage the following: economic prosperity, moral values, treating others with respect, nation’s sense of unity, peace and national security, health and well being, and the environment, with the negative percentages ranging from 74 percent down to 37 percent, with only the last two under 50 percent.

Overall, we have lived through a dreadful decade, and it makes one wonder whether the next decade will see improvement in these different areas, or whether we are in chronic decline as a nation! 🙁

The Census Bureau Report on Income, Poverty, And Health Care Access

The Census Bureau report on Income, Poverty, and Health Care Access during the Bush Administration completes the historical record on a disastrous Presidency regarding these matters.

Median household income declined from 2001-2009; poverty, and particularly that regarding children increased; and the number of Americans without health insurance surged dramatically.

Under the Clinton Administration, all of these measurements improved dramatically, so the comparison really demonstrates just how disastrous the Bush Presidency was to America economically.

So to blame President Obama for the bad economy now is, of course, just political hype, as no one can expect a turn around from such drastic negatives overnight. It also makes one wonder how we can allow no substantial change in health care, and look in the mirror and say that it is acceptable to prevent change on the most crucial issue of the times we live in!

Tom Ridge, Homeland Security, And Politics In The 2004 Presidential Election

Former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge, who was our first Homeland Security Secretary under President Bush, has revealed that politics played a role in raising the threat level in the 2004 Presidential campaign of President Bush.

Ridge saw no need to raise the threat level shortly before the 2004 Presidential campaign, but was challenged by Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, and John Ashcroft, Attorney General at the time.  There was a heated discussion, and it convinced Ridge to leave the government after the election.  The threat level was not raised then, but it had been a few days after John Kerry’s nomination for President.

There were many observers at the time who believed the threat level issue was used for political gain, and now it has been proved.

This is another example of the corruption and political manipulation utilized by the Bush administration on a regular basis, despite many denials. It is all fits the image of the Bush presidency as one of deception and lies on a massive scale.