US Census Bureau

Asians Most Rapidly Increasing Ethnic Group In America, Transforming American Society!

The final US Census Bureau figures show the fastest growing ethnic group in America are people of Asian ancestry, transforming American society.

That population grew by more than one third since 2010, the final figure being 35.5 percent!

This includes mainland Asia, the Pacific Islands, and Hawaii.

20 million people identify as Asians, and another 4 million identify as Asian mixed with another racial group. And a half percent identify as Pacific Islander or Hawaiian, or in combination with another racial group.

So 7.2 percent of the total American population now is in this category.

The most prominent Asian groups in numbers are as follows: India, China, the Philippines, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Native Hawaiian, Guam, and Samoa.

Joe Biden Starts Off Aggressively, With 30 Executive Orders In Three Days

President Biden is starting off his administration with a series of quick actions through 30 executive orders in three days in office, and more to come!

These include:

14 on the Corona Virus

4 on the Economy

2 on the Environment

5 on Immigration

2 on Equity

1 on Ethics

1 on Regulation

1 on the Census Bureau

These include in detail:

Reinstating ties with the World Health Organization; Enforcing a mask mandate on federal properties and public transportation; Coordinating the national response to the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Halting construction of the Mexico Border Wall; Ending the Muslim Ban; Including non citizens in the Census Count; Protecting DACA immigrants from deportation; Stopping aggressive actions to find and deport undocumented immigrants.

Re-entering the Paris Climate Accords; Revoking the permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline; Revoking rollbacks to Vehicle Emission Standards; Undoing decisions to slash the size of several National Monuments; Enforcing a moratorium on oil and natural gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; Reestablishing a working group on the social costs of greenhouse gases.

Ending the 1776 Commission which distorted the role of slavery in American history; Rooting out systematic racism, and working to prevent discrimination based upon gender, sexual orientation or gender identity and promote equity and diversity in all government programs and agencies.

Extend a federal moratorium on evictions, and foreclosures on mortgages; A pause on federal student loan interest and principal payments.

Census Bureau Report On Presidential Election Turnout Bad News For Republican Future

The Republican Party is in deep trouble for the long term future, as Census Bureau figures show a decline in percentage of whites who voted, while African Americans surpassed the percentage of whites voting.

In the Midwest and Southeastern US, the black vote grew dramatically, which is why Republicans are still determined to do whatever they can to prevent the black vote by whatever method they can conjure up. 66.2 percent of black voters participated, compared to 64.1 percent of the white voters participating.

Voter turnout declined overall to 62 percent from 64 percent, and it is clear that younger voters have declined in percentage, from 48 percent to 41 percent.

Women had 64 percent participating, compared to men at 60 percent, with white turnout declining n 39 states among both men and women.

The groups that demonstrated least participation include single people, unemployed, renters, and those with only high school or some college education. a worrisome sign for the future, with the economy’s improvement the only way these groups might increase participation.

If the Democrats can keep the same groups and percentages backing them in 2016 as occurred in 2012, the Republican party will rapidly decline as a contender for the White House, and first signs are that Hillary Clinton will be likely to keep the coalition going and,, possibly, improve on it!

America’s Future: A Majority “Minority” Nation! Time To Adjust To Reality!

The US Census Bureau has made it official: America is on the way to becoming a majority “minority” country , which will occur by the 2040s, no matter what the white majority, which has dominated America, wishes.

This is so because, for the first time, a majority of children being born are non white by definition, as in the twelve months ending June 30, 2011, 50.4 percent of the births in America were to Hispanic and Latino, African American, and Asian American parents.

Only 49.6 percent of births were to white parents.The economy, politics, and identity of the nation is changing rapidly, and we will never be the same!

Whites are no longer the majority in four states, and in such cities as New York, Las Vegas and Memphis. About 350 counties nationwide have a majority of nonwhites, and about double that number when one considers young children.

And the baby boomer generation, now aging, was vastly white, and now sees a younger generation growing up which is going to be majority nonwhite, a cultural clash already showing up in the fact that senior citizen whites are overwhelmingly Republicans, who are fighting the future, but represent basically the past that is quickly dying out before their eyes!

While whites still represent 63 percent of all Americans, the average median age for whites is 42, past prime child bearing age, while for Hispanics and Latinos, it is 27, and more Hispanic children were born in America in the past decade than Hispanic immigration to the United States in that period.

So minorities were 92 percent of all growth in the past decade, an astounding figure!

This reality is creating tensions between white elderly and minority young, particularly in Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and California.

This is a growing crisis particularly regarding education, as only 13 percent of Hispanics and Latinos have a college degree, only 18 percent of African Americans, but 31 percent of whites.

Education is the future for the nation, or else we will have a lot of minority young who cannot make a living and sustain the elderly whites who are retired and receive Social Security and Medicare.

This is the major social crisis of the future, and the political parties need to come to grips with it, and not only think about how the situation is at present. A vision for the future is essential!

Does Marco Rubio Represent The Hispanic-Latino Community, One Of Six Americans? NO!

A lot of attention has been paid to Senator Marco Rubio of Florida in the past 18 months since he was elected to the US Senate by the Sunshine State’s voters.

Rubio, just about to become 41 next month, is seen as the “shining star” of the Republican Party’s future, often called the “Cuban” Barack Obama!

Rubio is handsome, charismatic, dynamic, and has an attractive family, and he is loved by the right wing conservatives in the Republican Party. He promoteds the conservative cause in an effective fashion, and is remembered for his Florida state legislative career, including a stint as the House Speaker. He is someone who is likely to be a star figure in the party for decades to come, and he is seen as extremely ambitious, sometimes imagined as the first Hispanic President of the United States.

Rubio has been the center of attention for many months, as a front runner for the Vice Presidency, and many think Mitt Romney will select him. But before any such event happens, which is certainly possible, let us look at the unvarnished facts about Marco Rubio.

The idea that Hispanics and Latinos will rush to support Mitt Romney, if he selects Rubio for Vice President, is laughable!

Polls show that Barack Obama is favored in Florida, and that if Rubio is added to the Romney ticket, the lead for Obama grows wider!

Just because in a Senate race Rubio is able to win, does not mean he would help the Romney candidacy.

Rubio would outshine Romney on the campaign trail, and the question is does Romney really want that?

Also, Rubio would not be a good Number Two, as his ego and personality would make him a bad supporting team member.

The questions surrounding his ethics would get in the way, including expenditures while House Speaker in Florida, and the misleading campaign story that his parents escaped Fidel Castro, when they actually migrated from Cuba two years before Castro came to power.

Rubio’s hypocrisy regarding the DREAM Act stands out too, as he has always been opposed to the allowing of children of illegal immigrants to become citizens by military service or graduating college, but now wants a substitute DREAM Act, which allows those activities, but does not give citizenship automatically, an obvious campaign ploy!

Above all, though, is the issue whether Marco Rubio can represent the Hispanic-Latino community as a son of Cuban immigrants who came legally in the mid 1950s.

One needs to realize that only 14 percent of Hispanics and Latinos, in a recent poll, support Mitt Romney, and no matter what he does, that number will not probably rise even to John McCain’s 31 percent in 2008, and certainly not George W. Bush’s 44 percent in 2004. With the hard line on immigration reform supported by Romney and Rubio, why would any larger number support Romney because of Rubio?

And also the fact emerges that Cuban Americans number only about 1.8 million out of a Census figure of 50.5 million for Hispanics and Latinos, meaning only about 3.5 percent of this group are Cuban. What makes anyone think that Mexican-Americans, about 64 percent of this total, and Puerto Ricans, about 10 percent, and all of the other myriad groups of Hispanics and Latinos, are going to relate to someone who is only one out of about 30 members of the broad based group in this nation?

Romney would gain little from selecting Rubio, but Rubio would become the automatic front runner for 2016 if he ran with Romney, even on a losing ticket. Keep this in mind as Rubio acts as if he does not want the Vice Presidential nomination, but at the same time, is acting as if he does!

Asian Population Growth More Rapid Than Hispanic Population Growth: US Census Of 2010

The US Census Bureau had released further information regarding the 2010 Census, and it shows that people of Asian heritage have grown even faster in percentage than those of Hispanic or Latino origin.

Asian population growth is nearly 46 percent, while Hispanic and Latino population has increased by 43 percent.

The number of Hispanics and Latinos number about 50.5 million, while the number of Asians is about 17.3 million. The number of African Americans has grown slower, but is at about 39 million.

About 16 percent of the nation is now Hispanic or Latino, while 13 percent is African American, and 6 percent is Asian, making for 35 percent of the nation non white.

The largest Asian groups are in order Chinese, Filipinos, Asian Indian, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese. Small numbers are from Thailand and Pakistan.

Asian is defined as people from the Far East, Southeast Asia, or the Indian subcontinent, but not including those from Southwest Asia or the Middle East.

Regionally, the number of Asians in the Western states was about 46 percent of the total, followed by 22 percent in the South, almost 20 percent in the Northeast, and 12 percent in the Midwest.

What is perfectly clear is that the estimate that the majority of Americans by the mid 2040s will be non white is becoming more likely every year!

So one day, we are likely to have a President or Presidents who are Hispanic or Latino, and also Asian, making the experience with our first African American President, Barack Obama, an excellent “learning curve” for those who imagine that the white population will continue to dominate.

Ladies and Gentlemen, face the facts and face the future, and do not see the future with trepidation, but rather with pride!

Class Division, Conflict, Stress Multiplying: Dangerous For American Social Stability!

A new survey demonstrates that the biggest problem developing socially in America is economic class conflict and division, more than racial differences or the debate over immigration.

Economic inequality, leading to a sense of rich versus poor, and very little middle class, is a time bomb that could endanger the nation’s future.

The great increase in this feeling is, interestingly, most common among whites, middle income earners, and independent voters, but also increased among Republicans.

73 percent of Democrats and 68 percent of Independents believe there is strong economic class conflict.

Also, 71 percent of those who earned between $40,000 and $75,000 believed there are strong class conflicts, up from 47 percent in 2009.

The Census Bureau has come up with the figure that the top ten percent of the population have 56 percent of the national income in 2009, up from 49 percent in 2005.

If this trend continues, and if the masses become more and more resentful at the unfairness of national income distribution and taxation policies, it is not going to benefit the Republican Party, and could lead to demands for far greater taxation of the wealthy, already at the lowest level it has been since the 1920s!

The Sober Reality: Half Of America Is Poor, Or “Near Poor”!

The US Census Bureau has revealed that the economic conditions of the American people are far worse than ever recognized before now.

Along with 49 million below the poverty line, there are now 97 million Americans who have low income, defined as a family of four earning under $45,000 , due to loss of a job or a pay cut.

So that means HALF of the country is poor, or “near poor”!

This is serious business, a crisis of massive proportions, and the top one percent sit by and do not give a damn, and the corporations keep on holding onto money, enriching themselves and their stockholders, and claim they cannot hire people after they have been balled out by the government, or have lobbied for preferential treatment!

The country is becoming more plutocratic by the day, and it is dangerous for capitalism that this is going on, as it can turn average Americans against the whole concept of capitalism, as long as only a small percentage can benefit from it!

Under the circumstances, it is quite amazing that there are not more people out in the streets, involved in the “Occupy Wall Street’ movement!

It is also worrisome that as time goes on, and conditions become worse, that we might see mass violence on the part of desperate Americans, who will see no alternative.

The idea of mass demonstrations and demands for change is not being felt only in the Arab world, in Greece and Italy, and in the Russian Federation. It is becoming an issue of fairness and equity being felt in a country that considers itself democratic in nature, and yet allows the uninhibited acquisition of wealth on the back of millions of Americans who just want an equal opportunity for the “American Dream”!

Interesting Census Statistics On Asians In American Population

The Census Bureau keeps on coming out with new statistics from the 2010 Census, and one of the most interesting regards the Asian population growth in America over the past 50 years.

Back in the 1960s, people of all Asian ancestries represented one half of one percent of the American population.

Fifty years later, that percentage has increased one thousand percent, to a total of five percent of all Americans, more than 15 million people!

This five percent includes not just Chinese and Japanese, the usual groups one thinks of, but also Korean, Vietnamese, Indian, Pakistani, and all other groups coming from Asian nations.

This is a population which has seen great educational and economic successes, far outstripping other minority groups, and often surpassing even white American groups.

Having faced past discrimination, as particularly Chinese and Japanese did in American history, they have become part of the success story of America, and are a group which needs further study and appreciation of their contributions in history courses in colleges and universities, as well as in public education!

Record Gap Between Rich And Poor In Census Bureau Report–What Should Be Done About It?

The United States is now witnessing the greatest gap between rich and poor in the history of record keeping since the 1960s!

The top 20 percent of Americans, earning more than $100,000 a year, had nearly 50 percent of all income, compared with 3.4 percent earned by those considered poor, about 14.5 percent. This nation has the greatest difference in this regard of any Western industrialized nation!

Young adults 18-34, who have lesser skills, are being ignored by employers who prefer higher skilled, more motivated older adults. This is a major crisis for the long run, as to how these people are to function in society in the long run! 🙁

The poverty rate for a family of four in 2009 is just below $22,000 a year! Meanwhile, the top five percent earn more than $180,000 a year!

The Great Recession has, of course, worsened these income statistics, and it is hard to imagine any great turnaround at any point in the near future! 🙁

The question is what should be done by government about this horrible gap, which has been exacerbated by the Republican control of Congress from 1994-2006, and the eight years of the Bush II Administration!

If the decision is to do nothing, a conservative viewpoint, how much worse can it become without a violent reaction? One has to wonder! 🙁