Income Levels

What Demographic Groups Will Vote For Barack Obama And Joe Biden? And Who For Mitt Romney And Paul Ryan?

It is clear that this Presidential Election of 2012 will see clear-cut splits in the population, unseen in modern history.

The following groups will clearly vote a majority (fifty percent plus one) for Barack Obama and Joe Biden:

Men–More Educated
Women-More Educated, Single
African Americans
Asian Americans
Native Americans
Young People under 34
Middle Aged People 35-54
Jews–Less Religious
Catholics–Less Religious
Secular Voters
Gays and Lesbians
Veterans–Young and Middle Age
College Graduates
Urban Residents
Suburban Voters
Civil Libertarians
Northeast and New England
Midwest Except Indiana and Missouri
Mountain States Of Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico
Pacific Coast and Hawaii

Who will clearly vote in a majority for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan?

Whites–less educated, rural, men and women
Men–less educated and particularly from South
Women–less educated, married, more religious, rural
Wealthy–top two percent
Corporate World
Senior Citizens Who Are White and Christian
Voters 55-64 Who Are White and Christian
Religious Voters, Christian and Jewish
Cuban Americans
Rural Voters
Those With Less Than A Four Year College Degree
Southern States, except Florida and Virginia
Great Plains States
Portions of Midwest and Mountain States, and Alaska
White Working Class in South and Midwest
Tea Party Movement supporters
Conspiracy Theory Believers
“Racial Problem” Voters
High School Graduates or Dropouts

This represents the greatest divisiveness of our nation in probably the past hundred and forty years, and does not bode well for future cooperation in dealing with national problems, both domestic and foreign. Conflict, rather than consensus, is a very disturbing trend in our society!

Record Gap Between Rich And Poor In Census Bureau Report–What Should Be Done About It?

The United States is now witnessing the greatest gap between rich and poor in the history of record keeping since the 1960s!

The top 20 percent of Americans, earning more than $100,000 a year, had nearly 50 percent of all income, compared with 3.4 percent earned by those considered poor, about 14.5 percent. This nation has the greatest difference in this regard of any Western industrialized nation!

Young adults 18-34, who have lesser skills, are being ignored by employers who prefer higher skilled, more motivated older adults. This is a major crisis for the long run, as to how these people are to function in society in the long run! 🙁

The poverty rate for a family of four in 2009 is just below $22,000 a year! Meanwhile, the top five percent earn more than $180,000 a year!

The Great Recession has, of course, worsened these income statistics, and it is hard to imagine any great turnaround at any point in the near future! 🙁

The question is what should be done by government about this horrible gap, which has been exacerbated by the Republican control of Congress from 1994-2006, and the eight years of the Bush II Administration!

If the decision is to do nothing, a conservative viewpoint, how much worse can it become without a violent reaction? One has to wonder! 🙁